2020 Golden Globe Award (36): 6 innovative technologies “wrestling” of lithium battery equipment

[Original] 2020 Highworking Golden Globe Award (36): 6 innovative technologies “wrestling” of lithium battery equipment

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The capacity expansion plan of the head power battery enterprise has opened the dividend window of the lithium battery equipment industry. However, the production process of lithium batteries is complicated. There are dozens of production processes in the front, middle and back, and higher requirements for equipment accuracy and performance.

Especially with the expansion of the new round of international capacity, the challenges of the accumulation of core technology, the experience of leading customer cooperation, and the global perspective are forced to force lithium battery equipment companies to carry out technological innovation.

Encourage technological innovation and find good products for the lithium battery industry chain. The 2020 high -profile lithium battery & electric vehicle Golden Globe Award selection network voting is in progress. The voting time is only last 1 day (as of 18:00 on November 30).

This year’s Golden Globe Award is specially sponsored by Si Keqi. The theme of this year is “Ten Years of Forging Hundred Refinement Gold”. A total of many awards such as the annual good product award, annual technological innovation award, and the top ten brand enterprises of the year have been set up.

Among them, Shangshui Intelligence, Hangzhou Jierui, Ruineng Co., Ltd., Surui Smart, Shanghai Hongtian, Guangzhou Feisheng competed the annual innovation technology award (equipment), involving pulp, dehumidification, transformation, wound, and dissolved copper , Note and other production processes.


Shangshui Smart

Application award: Annual Innovation Technology Award (Equipment)

Declaration technology: circulating high -efficiency pulp technology

Shangshui Intelligent Circular pulp technology is an efficient powder mixed slurry technology. Its working principle is to first remove part of the gas under vacuum conditions and spread it into a state of diffuse. In the liquid, the decentralized liquid is cut with high -intensity to obtain a dispersed high -quality slurry through the dispersed module composed of the impeller and baffle.

At present, the slurry of power batteries is generally used in traditional dual -planet mixing processes. For the technical difficulties with long and high energy consumption of traditional mixing equipment, the new type of pulp and technology developed by Shangshui Intelligent has greatly shortened the pulp making time and reduced energy consumption. The specific description is as follows:

1. The powder is in a diffuse state to contact the liquid that is quickly flowing in a large area. The wetting time is short and the energy consumption is low.

2. The dispersing module adopts a unique fixed rotor design, using higher line speed and smaller gaps to obtain higher shear strength.

3. Circular slurry technology makes the pulp circular up and forth between the decentralized modules and the circulating tank, which effectively ensures that all pulps are “inevitable decentralized” in the decentralized module, ensuring that the stay time of different parts of the slurry is the same. Ensuring the uniformity and consistency of the dispersing of the slurry, it also greatly shortens the total slurry time.

This technology breaks through the capacity bottleneck of traditional mixing equipment. The capacity of single equipment, small size, high efficiency, and low unit energy consumption can greatly reduce the energy consumption of the slurry system, improve the consistency of the pulp and the stability of batch stability , Reduce customer investment costs and labor costs, and help improve the level of automation and intelligence of the slurry system. At present, the technology has declared four invention patents.

Hangzhou Jerry

Declaration technology: rotary dehumidification


In response to the problem of high regeneration energy consumption of conventional rotor dehumidification air -conditioning systems, Jerry proposed the heat pump regenerative rotor dehumidification system. This system is a major innovation in the field of energy utilization technology and air regulation, which consists of a moisturizing system and the heat pump system.


The heat pump system includes compressor condenser, evaporation and throttle valve. You can use the heat pump system to regenerate the dehumidification rotor, take away the water adsorption of the dehumidifier rotor by regenerating exhaust fan, use the evaporator of the heat pump system to pre -cold and dehumidify the fresh air before further adsorption of the new air dehumidification dehumidification through the new air dehumidification. , The heat pump system provides the required cooling and regenerative calories for the dehumidification system.

Its technological innovation and advanced nature lies in:

1. The development of 45 ° C high temperature into a low -humidity unit can save a lot of cooling and cooling capacity and the heating capacity of the rear heater. The energy saving effect is significant;

2. Developed 80 ° C medium temperature regeneration ultra-low dew-point rotor dehumidification units, and the crew can also reach ≤ -60 ° C;

3. The low -temperature regeneration conventional humidity rotor dehumidifier developed, 60 ° C regeneration, regeneration heating can use compressor such as condensation heat and other waste heat sources, and running energy consumption can be greatly reduced.

Ruineng shares

Declaration technology: Rui Neng high energy effect series into technology


Ruineng high -energy efficiency series into technology has solved the problems of batteryization into consistency, complex equipment structure, high failure rate, high energy waste and high investment costs. It has been widely used in battery automation production lines, helping customers to improve cost reduction and efficiency efficiency.

Have the following innovation points:

1. During the process, due to the consistency of the current height, it can significantly improve the consistency of battery quality, help battery production enterprises to greatly improve product quality, improve the battery life capacity, service life and safety of battery packages and passenger vehicle battery packs, etc., mentioning Quality and efficiency;

2. Structural innovation, high concentration of equipment channels, and the complexity of the equipment structure decrease significantly. The overall space can be saved by half;

3. Using high -frequency silicon carbide technology, high frequency and small heat calorie, the power supply volume is only 1/4 of the traditional equipment, the single module is upgraded to a high -voltage module, the efficiency is increased to 90%, so that the power can be fully used;

4. Adopting a modular design that can be compatible with different types of batteries; if the current can not be interrupted, invest or exit a battery without affecting normal work, which can continue to produce batteries continuously, improve battery production capacity, ensure guarantee The ability to stabilize the market.

Compared with the traditional way of turning into a method, Rui Neng high -energy connecting series into technology has the following advantages:

1. Save the cost of module: Compared with the traditional power supply, the module can save one -third of the cost;

2. Save the cost of the wire: Simplification of the cable, the mechanical unit to the power supply only needs to take a set of current cables to save 90 % of the cost;

3. Reduce wire loss: 1GWH production capacity, transform and accommodate all channels a year can save about 1.165 millionD power;

4. Electricity costs: The efficiency of the equipment is as high as 90%, which is 40 percentage points compared to the traditional 50%efficiency, saving about 2.18 million yuan;

5. Reduce heat dissipation costs: According to the energy consumption ratio, it can save about 720,000 yuan/year.

Sudui Smart

Application technology: fully automatic scrolling machine

The full -automatic scrolling machine independently developed by Sudui Intelligent has been updated to the third generation. This product has obtained 11 patents and 3 softened. It has been carried out in terms of the performance of the wound, tension, and alignment. upgrade:

1. The wound speed is as high as 3m/s, the rim heads the header structure and the DD motor (Spear Rui Intelligent Patent), the roll is put on a high -power servo motor with a rated speed of 5000r/min. : 3).


2. In terms of tension control, high -response sound rings motor and tension controller adopt closed -loop control, reduce the range of tension fluctuations and improve the accuracy of tension. In the customer’s on-site measurement tension, the fluctuation value of the tension reaches ± 3%, the current requirements of the mainstream battery companies are within ± 4%, and the industry average is about ± 5%-7%.

3. The pre -voltage rebound space of the battery cell after wound is smaller, indicating that the stress of the wound is smaller and evenly, which will help improve the safety of the cell.

4. Polar sheets are controlled by dual -closed loop control, and high -performance CCD systems are adopted to ensure the accuracy and reliability of alignment detection.

5. Adopt a high -end motion control system, while high -efficiency and energy saving, it also solves some technical pain points such as pole ears folding and polar slices.

6. The tension volatility is lower, mainly due to the optimization of the hardware and software algorithm of the equipment unit, making the wound performance more stable.

Compared with foreign equipment, this product is developed and manufactured for the production of lithium -ion battery production in my country. It has stronger adaptability and obvious cost -effective advantage. Surui Intelligent adopts new processes and new technologies, and has developed a targeted development of core product scrolling machines applied to the field of digital batteries and power batteries, helping battery companies to improve product performance and reduce costs.

Shanghai Hongtian

Declaration technology: efficient copper can

In the first half of 2020, Shanghai Hongtian Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. successfully developed a new generation of new high -efficiency copper cans. On the basis of further improving the reaction efficiency of dissolved copper, the amount of copper material demand for traditional copper tanks is greatly reduced.

Technological innovation is reflected in: after being put into use, it does not use traditional natural gas to heat, but uses gas liquid mixed flow jet and pilot technology to make the oxygen bubble in the air fully combined with the copper line to generate a chemical oxidation reaction. When the copper speed is not heated, when the amount of copper is kept at 40T, the dissolved copper rate: ≥200kg/h*table, which is close to the traditional spray dissolved copper rate.

Shanghai Hongtian has continued to break through the technology level of the production of copper foil in the electronic copper foil industry, and uses lineization, unmanned, and intelligent as a product design concept. Continuously optimized by digitalization and supporting MES systems to improve the efficiency and management level of production lines, so that the copper foil has improved the qualified rate and production stability under the cooperation of the production process. For electrolytic copper foil manufacturing enterprises, taking the annual output of 10,000 tons of copper foil as an example, the occupation of copper raw materials can be reduced by about 50 million yuan without heating without steam, which can save mobile funds for the purchase of copper raw materials and save energy.

Guangzhou Feisheng

Application technology: FSH-SK10 smart injection pump

Traditional ceramic electric pumps, the adjustment of the amount of liquid injection, relying on manual adjustment of the deflection angle, requires repeated calibrations to cause waste of electrolytes. At the end of 2015, after continuous research and development practice, Guangzhou Feisheng developed the first full -CNC smart variable pump in the lithium battery industry, and obtained a new type of invention and practical patent certificate. Technical bottleneck.

This smart variable pump realizes closed -loop control and intelligent production, reduces artificial and raw materials waste, improves the consistency of lithium battery injection. After being pushed to the market, it is not only recognized by the top 30 lithium battery in China, but also exported to South Korea, Japan, etc. nation.

Application award: Annual Innovation Technology Award (Equipment)

Application award: Annual Innovation Technology Award (Equipment)


Application award: Annual Innovation Technology Award (Equipment)

Application award: Annual Innovation Technology Award (Equipment)

Application award: Annual Innovation Technology Award (Equipment)

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