Why did Tena Tian Ning bring a dawn to my family? This is actually not an exaggerated statement, but it does provide help for my family. My brother brought a great impact on his life in a car accident. Among them, the biggest harm to him was that he had traumatic urinary incontinence caused by a car accident. Originally, we all thought that the body was recovered, and the urinary incontinence was incontinence. The situation will be good, but when the younger brother is discharged, the symptoms have not improved, and they also consult the doctor. The doctor said that the brother’s urinary incontinence needs to be treated slowly. This time may be very long. Maintain daily life.


The choice of adult diapers became a major problem for us. At that time, the diapers used for my younger brothers when they were in the hospital were not suitable. They needed to give him a diapers suitable for action, but the process was unsatisfactory. We changed him to many brands of diapers, either bloated and explicit, or it was impermeable to cause some skin problems. There were also some skin problems but easy to leak urine, because these problems made him unwilling to go out even if he recovered, feared The eyes of others have become a little inferior, which makes me and my family very worried. Until I met Timing Proskin underwear diapers, it made our family see the dawn.

The Timing Proskin series is a diapers designed for fragile skin. The Timing underwear diapers used by his brother is suitable for incontinence people with action needs. This diaper is a three -piece design. It wore it like a underwear. It is wrapped in high elastic surrounding type, and there is no trace after putting on it. It will not look bloated. Its breathable woven bottom membrane can quickly discharge moisture and reduce the sense of dampness, which also allows the younger brother to wear some skin problems due to the dampness and breathable. The three -dimensional 3D pressure surface layer of the urine pants can reduce the contact area of ​​the skin and the diapers and quickly absorb urine. In the second second, the urine penetrates the urine to keep the surface dry, and there are three -dimensional leak -proof partial edge and elastic leg surrounds close to the crotch curve to prevent side leakage and dare to move.

Timing underwear -type diapers look like an ordinary adult diaper, but it has a great effect. Now my brother has dared to wear it to go out, because it is close and thin and not bloated, and no longer worry about seeing him wearing diapers. In addition to life, it has also been psychologically reducing my brother’s burden. My family and I have reassured a lot. I really want to thank Timing.

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