If the clothing that cannot be ignored in summer is the skirt, whether it is cute, sexy, intellectual style, skirts can be brought to you, but we often say that skirts should choose high waist, after all, high waist skirts, high waist skirts Wearing it can modify our figure and save five or five points.

If you miss it in summer, you regret that the “high waist skirt” also has many choices and matching solutions. This article will introduce the appropriate dressing of high -waisted skirts. Let’s take a look.

1. How to choose “high waist skirt”?

(1) A -line version, covering meat is thinner


A -character short skirt Ora character long skirt

Really smart women will not follow the waves, do not follow the trend when choosing a skirt. Choose a fitted skirt is the key.

The A -character version belongs to a skirt that is more suitable for most figure

This type of version has a good modification effect,

Suitable for girls with thick thighs,

A -line skirt is divided into long and short models,


If you are just a thick thigh, you can try the long A -line skirt. If you have a slender leg, try the short A -line skirt.

(2) denim material, versatile fashionable

In terms of material, nothing is classic than denim materials,

After so many years in the fashion industry, denim’s clothing still stands still. jeans


Denim skirts can be called classic

When choosing a high -waisted skirt, you can cut in from the material. Try the denim high waist skirt, which can also highlight the long legs.

And the denim skirt is very versatile, you can be casual and sexy. You only need to try the right match, but you still need to choose light colors in summer, such as the white below, the blue is suitable.

(3) Irregular tailoring, full sense of layering

Starting from tailoring can help us better show our fashion temperament and break the routine.

Don’t be too restrained by the tailoring of the skirt.

Essence During the reference of irregularly cut skirts, the sense of layering will look a lot stronger, and it will not look old to wear on the body.

Different tailoring designs:

Irregular tailoring is not limited, you can try


Short and back -long


Tailoring, modify the calf, or

Try the tailoring of the ruffled or lace shape, which is more romantic.

2. How to match the “high waist skirt”?

Part1: choice of top


Matching ideas ①: shirt + denim high waist skirt

The shirt with a denim high waist skirt is definitely the gospel of the small man. There are many occasions that wear suitable occasions.

Women in the workplace can learn from white shirts with denim high waist skirts. (Daily matching can draw on the printed shirt with high waist skirt, and use the choice of tops to change the style of the entire match.)

Matching ideas ②: vest + high waist skirt

The temperature in summer is very high, and the girls’ dressing becomes much cool.


The matching of skirts and vests will look cool and relieve heat, showing the body advantage

For example, the sleeveless vest with a high -waisted white skirt below,

The combination of simplicity is suitable for reference. This combination is also very refreshing.

part2: Choices of Shoes

Matching ideas ①: high waist skirt + small leather shoes

There are still a lot of shoes to choose from,

High -heeled shoes, flat shoes or small white shoes, canvas shoes, these are shoes with different styles and temperament. Little leather shoes are also popular items in recent years

With the retro style, wearing it will feel more elegant. With high -waisted skirts, it can also interpret the flavor of the celebrity.

The black leather shoes below with a yellow skirt, gentle and intellectual, is also versatile, and will not feel sultry in summer.

If it is autumn, we can also match the socks with a sense of layering.

Matching ideas ②: high waist skirt + grandma shoes

Compared with the basic flat shoes, grandma shoes will have a gentle atmosphere,

The design of the round head looks romantic and elegant, and the design of the pointed head looks capable and exquisite. The most important thing for grandma’s shoes is the version of the version,

The comfort of wearing on the feet can be guaranteed,

You can try if the instep is higher.


(The following set of mix will implement the retro style to the end. The black and white plaid skirt borrows the matching of nude grandma shoes, which can show a gentle atmosphere. The temperament of the whole person is too good.)

Matching ideas ③: high waist skirt + sports shoes

Casual sports shoes make people love and hate. Although sports shoes are more comfortable, there are too few solutions to match. Therefore, it is recommended that you learn from high -waisted skirts with sneakers.


The combination of gentle skirts and casual shoes can make the whole match a lot.

However, the selection of sneakers is also particular. Don’t be too fancy, and don’t have a thick style. For example, the white sneakers below with A -line high waist skirt, light and casual and long legs are long.

Small or tall men are suitable for wearing high waist skirts, but wearing appropriate high -waisted skirts will look good, so no matter what skirt you choose, the details of the details need to be paid attention to.


For example, the position of the waistline, the design of the skirt, the matching of the shoes, and the choice of tops are crucial. These points are mentioned in the text, let’s try it.


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