Anqing Yonghua Patch Window Machine provides business printed opportunities for business printing vendors

For commercial printers, they know the benefits of providing packaging printing and are taking various actions to add them to their service products. Moreover, with the advancement of technology, many factors are gradually eliminating the barriers of commercial printing vendors and accelerating their transfer to the packaging market. Such as technological innovation, digital printing, early adopter success, simplified process, customer needs, and continuous progress in fierce competition, all attract commercial printers to provide labels and other types of packaging.

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Tags, folding cartons, corrugated cartons and soft packaging are all printed applications, which are usually large demand and cannot be easily replaced by digital media. A survey conducted by Nishipk Research Company recently showed that packaging is an opportunity for growth. More than half of the brand owners participating in the survey are expressed that the use of labels, folding cartons, corrugated packaging and soft packaging is increasing. Although the survey was carried out before the epidemic, the business status of the investigation and follow -up of the 2020 printing providers under the conduct of Ninopke Research Company showed that packaging has always been a very flexible market.


Interestingly, as consumers increase the purchase volume of e -commerce products, the popularity itself increases the market’s demand for packaging. As consumers are accustomed to their convenience, e -commerce ordering may continue to grow, and the distribution channels have adapted to the growing demand. The growth of e -commerce sales is creating more needs for all types of packaging from label, folding carton to corrugated packaging.

Folding carton is one of the earliest packaging applications pursued by commercial printed owners (mainly because it can be printed on a single paper printing machine). Compared with complex films used in soft packaging, paper substrates such as folding carton are more familiar to commercial printers. The first batch of commercial printed companies that enter the packaging field are recognized as the most suitable application market for undertaking.

The carton window lattice machine has also been widely used in the printing market. Anqing Yonghua Machinery fully automatic line window lattice machine is suitable for mobile phone box, wine box, napkin carton, children’s toy box, clothing box, milk box, greeting card Wait for the packaging paper with a window or window to stop the film. The whole machine uses a programmable program controller, human -machine interface, photoelectric tracking, and centralized control to complete the automatic sheet of paper in the box. , Partial mounting paper), film cutting, film, paper collection and other processes.

The packaging field has provided opportunities for commercial printers. Although good performance records in the commercial printing field cannot ensure that the same results are obtained when they are expanded to packaging, this is a good starting point.


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Full automatic window latter

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