New year new table, Shuangdan desktop renovation plan

In front


It has been more than half a year since the last desktop renovation. Although it has been changed a lot, it is still lacking in functionality. The most obvious problem is that the socket is pasted under the table board. There are more equipment, the plugs are full, and the plug is not convenient; the desktop does not charge the mobile phone. It is particularly chaotic to drag a wire; Keyboard, a charging is convenient for a battery life to change the battery, and it needs to be pulled out to charging a line every three differences, which also affects the experience.


Taking advantage of Shuangdan’s idle money at hand, and the funds of the old equipment hung salted fish, they made a transformation and upgrade for their desktop. For the above three problems, a new solution was made.

Green Union 30W Zhizong Magic Box


The first is to solve the problem of insufficient plugs. At first, I planned to buy a Rubik’s cube socket, but after searching in the station, I found the Zhilian’s smart box. Mainly, high value, small volume, and three outputs. The shell is a V0 -level flame -retardant PC shell. The overall shape is close to a headset box (the hifi storage box). The mint green shape with the black mouse pad is very bright.


The top has a USB-C interface and two USB-A, of which

When the two are output at the same time or three-port at the same time, the maximum output of the USB-A single mouth is 18W, the maximum output of the USB-C single mouth is 30W, and the maximum power of the two ports at the same time or the three-mouth output is 15.5W.

Built -in Power Integrations chip,


Can intelligently allocate three -way output power.

The back is the two AC interfaces, which is convenient for us to temporarily connect other electrical appliances with a maximum power of 2500W. In winter, it is OK to temporarily add a hand -warming table cushion and small sun. And in terms of interface layout, the Green Union is clearly designed, and its own power cord small tail will not block external electrical appliances.

Because the little magic box itself does not have a physical switch, it is on the front

Designed a LED indicator light, and when there is a equipment for power, it will have the effect of prompting. It is clear at a glance.


Magesafe wireless bare rack sleeve


The Magesafe magnetic suction set of Mamish is a Magsafe wireless charging and a metal bracket. It is very concise on the table.


The angle of the bracket is just right. It is very convenient to use it to work together. A small bracket not only solves the problem of finding charging cables everywhere, but also gets the traditional wireless charging. It can only be placed flat. Playing a mobile phone requires picking up the wireless charging bug, which is practical.


Thunder Snake Beihai Giant Demon V3 Super Edition

In order to solve the problem that the wireless game headset is to charge for three days and two days, I directly replaced a wired solution. The newly included is the Razer Beihai Giant Demon V3 Super Edition. It is recommended by the friends who play HI END, saying that Razer will directly give you a 10 -inch bass gun this time.

In terms of unit, it is adopted

Razer Triforce’s 50mm titanium -plated dynamic ring supports THX Spatial Audio spatial sound effects. In addition to listening to songs and watching movies, I have a slightly bombardment experience, and the biggest feeling for me is that listening to the footsteps is particularly accurate when playing games. When eating chicken, the sound of stepping upstairs and downstairs can be clearly distinguished, and the sense of space is full. In addition, we can also switch the level of the spatial sound effects through the regulating button on the Lei Yun or the headset, and quickly match different scenarios.

Put on a wide

The earmuffs use PU to fill the thick memory cotton, and the sound insulation effect is excellent. The metal head beam is also the same filling design. The curved is very suitable.

It is also equipped with detachable pointer microphone, which can reduce background noise.

In terms of light pollution, we can still easily customize the LOGO light effect of the earmuffs through Leiyun. As the originator of the peripherals, the light pollution of the Beihai Giant Demon V3 super sensitive version began to return to the true. fatigue. In addition, we can adjust EQ in Leiyun, custom space audio effects, various enhancements, and microphone effects, which are full of playability.


Raystorm Poisonous Edition Edition Mercury


The keyboard is the ending pole (mercury) of the Razer Venom Trip to Double 11. The mercury version is converted with pure white design on the shell. The rubber anti -slip side skirt is also changed to silver and feels comfortable. It is particularly conspicuous with a black mouse pad. As a flagship gaming mouse that is not designed with a hollow hole mouse, the overall weight of the lightweight design of the poison is only 74g, which is very good.

The charging base is also pure white. The parameters are the same as the ordinary ultimate version. The sensor is the original phase Focus+(PAW3399). It supports up to 20000DPI sensitivity, 650IPS tracking speed, 99.6%tracking accuracy, and powerful performance. The new optical micro -motion switch, infrared optical trigger, high life, low delay, double -click problem with fewer problems.

Razer Ling Beetle Mouse Pad XXL Number


I have always been a normal -sized mouse pad. Try the large table pad this time. I bought Razer’s newly produced Ling Beetle, XXL size, and the length and width came to 940x410mm, which basically occupied 2/3 of the desktop, and the instant feeling was available. 4 mm ultra -thick design, the wrist will not be tired, and the bottom of the hexagonal texture is first -class.


Mixed surfaces are moderate soft and hard, with both smoothness and accuracy of handling. The surface material is waterproof, which is easier to take care of. The black table cushion is equipped with white table boards and keys and mouse, with first -class visual effects.

IKBC Gundam wireless keyboard red shaft


The keyboard is the IKBC Gundam jointly dismantled in the warehouse. The plastic shell of the white matte process is pretty good -looking. The joint elements of RX-78-2 are still in place. There are four colors: white, red, yellow, and blue.

The ESC key is the avatar of the Gundam, the “GUNDAM” logo on the space key has other water stickers logos. The Enter key is printed on “RX-78-2”, which are all tribute elements.

In addition, I also replaced the F1-4 into the theme keycaps worth buying. At the beginning, it was randomly redeemed. I changed several duplicates. Add the “value” keycap to summon a small value.

At the end


After changing a new table cushion and headphones, the overall style is more e -sports, which has obvious performance bonuses for the players of these elderly paintings. In addition, the addition of the Green Lianlian Magic Box is not only a small highlight in the style, but also greatly facilitates me who loves to toss in the experience.


The last friends I like to ask for a wave of three companies and concerns. I welcome a friendly and friendly conversation, accept appreciation, and respect your opinions. If we have opinions, we can make frank conversations and fully exchange opinions, which will help enhance the friendship of friends. For brain -free spray, this is what I can’t tolerate. I hope the keyboard heroes will spend the tail juice and talk about martial arts.

In order to answer your doubts, the above is what we have organized about Wholesale Customized 3mm Small Designer Cheap Laptop Black Mouse Pads gaming mouse pad, hope it can help you.

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