Good morning of headline friends! Today, I will let the Wolf Boke use more than ten years of experience to tell everyone how to buy leather shoes! Almost everyone likes to buy leather shoes, and when they buy, they will choose to choose from left and right to see the color and quality of leather shoes, but there are many knowledge in the leather leather. There are many types of two layers. (May 1st) It is coming to the peak season when you visit the shopping mall to buy leather shoes. Here, the Wolf Boh Passenger uses the experience of more than ten years of old shoemakers to introduce to you how to identify cowhide and maintenance cowhide shoes.

用这几招快速识别真皮皮鞋,再也不怕店家忽悠了!​“二层则是厚皮用片皮机剖层而得,头层用来做全粒面革或修面革,二层经过涂饰或贴膜等系列工序制成二层革,它的牢度耐磨性较差,是同类皮革中最廉价的一种。”二层牛皮的反面是牛皮的第二层皮料,在表面涂上一层PU树脂,所以也称贴膜牛皮。其价格较便宜,利用率高。  多种方法鉴别真假牛皮区别真皮和人造材料时先看外观,真皮无底基,人造材料有底基。再用手摸,人造材料塑料感非常强,光泽亮,冬天手摸有冷凉感,真皮光滑手摸无冷凉感。也可以用拇指压成品较软部分,在拇指周围真皮会出现许多碎小、均匀花纹,拇指抬开,花纹消失;而人造材料可能没有花纹,也可能会出现粗大纹路,拇指抬开,花纹并不消失,说明材料表面的粒面层和下面的网状层已经脱开了。鉴别真皮还是人造革还可以观察截面,真皮截面是不规则纤维组成,用手指甲刮下碎皮纤维后,截面无明显变化,对于真皮,不同部位纹理不规则,鼻嗅闻有腥臭味,而人造革嗅闻有塑料或橡胶味,各部位纹理规则一致。另外,还可以看皮料的反面,寻找没有折的部位,如果是基布的,必定是人造革或合成革。

The pores on the two -layer cowhide surface of the leather head layer are small, round, uniform and tightly distributed, bright and smooth in the leather surface, full of texture, delicate appearance, flat and soft appearance, solid and elastic texture with the touch texture. When selecting, if you squeeze the leather surface hard, small folds appear. The leather products made with cowhide, if you don’t look closely, can hardly see the mane. At the same time, because the leather is thicker, it is very stiff. However, the cowhide needs to separate the head layer and the second layer of skin. Among them, the head layer is divided into several types of all -grained, half -grain, repair, flowers, and special effects. “Now, most of the high -end leather shoes in regular shopping malls are Head layer cowhide.

Among the many leather varieties, the whole noodles are topped, because it is processed from the superior raw materials that are less disabled. The leather surface is retained in a complete natural state. The coating is thin. The pattern beauty. Not only wear resistance, but also good breathability. The revolution was “cosmetic” on a natural leather with disability or rough. This leather almost lost its original surface state. The pores of the whole grain surface are clear, small, tight, irregular in arrangement, plump and meticulous on the surface, elasticity and good breathability, which is a high -end leather. The leather products made of this leather are comfortable and beautiful. The semi -grain pores are flat, and the arrangement is irregular, and the feel is hard. Generally, the raw material skin with poor levels is generally selected. Therefore, half -noodles belong to the mid -range leather. Solid leather is also called “light cowhide”. The surface is flat, smooth, pores and leather patterns. It is a high -end leather.


“The second layer is obtained from the section of the thick skin leather machine. The head layer is used to make full -grain or repair leather. Poor abrasion resistance is the cheapest one in similar leather. “On the opposite side of the second layer of cowhide is the second layer of leather of the leather, coating a layer of PU resin on the surface, so it is also called film leather. Its price is cheaper and the utilization rate is high. Multiple methods to identify the difference between the difference between the true and false cowhide leather and the artificial material first. Touch it with your hands, the artificial material has a strong sense of plastic, shiny, and cold in winter, and the leather is not cold. You can also use the thumb to press the softer part of the finished product. There will be many broken and uniform patterns around the leather around the thumb. The thumb is lifted, and the pattern disappears; and the artificial material may not have a pattern, and there may be thick lines. Do not disappear, indicating that the surface layer of the surface of the material and the mesh layer below have been removed. Identifying the leather or artificial leather can also observe the section. The leather section is composed of irregular fibers. After scraping the crushing fiber with fingernails, there is no significant change in the section. The smell of plastic or rubber smells, and the texture rules of each part are consistent. In addition, you can also look at the opposite side of the leather material and find a part of the non -folding part. If it is a base cloth, it must be an artificial leather or synthetic leather.

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