Today I made fresh vegetable chicken feet and meat rolls, and I wanted to make a bento for the baby ~ delicious meat rolls with possible cartoon rice balls, plus fresh fruits, the nutritional face value is full ~ Baiji Fook cheese is really versatile ~


BY Ice Snow 635


Moderate amount of rice

Moderate amount of seaweed


2 slices of lettuce

2 tablets

A moderate amount of fruits

Two chicken legs (the following are chicken roll marinades)

A big spoon of oyster sauce

Ginger powder and garlic powder (can be replaced by ginger and garlic) each small spoon of each


A small spoon of salt


A small spoon of chicken powder


A spoon of raw soy sauce

Raw powder (below) a spoon of one spoon

2 tablets


Moderate amount of red pepper


2 asparagus


Two shiitake mushrooms

Moderate amount of black pepper


Rosemary (no need) moderate amount

Practice step

1. The materials are prepared as shown in the figure, and the chicken rolls out. Moom for rice. The cheese printed graphics with molds, the rice balls are wrapped in Shanghai moss, and the cartoon patterns are covered with. Put in the bento box according to your preference.

2. The chicken legs are removed and knocking on the back of the knife to make the meat loose. The thick place can be cut. Don’t cut off. Add the marinade to marinating for more than 2 hours. Or go to the refrigerator overnight.

3. The material is as shown in the figure.


4, mushrooms and asparagus, add a little salt to fry.

5, red pepper also cut long strips.

6. Brush a layer of oil for tin foil paper. Put the chicken legs and meat. Filling, good code such as cheese, shiitake mushrooms and other codes. Put a layer of raw powder.

7. Roll up and tie it with a cotton thread. Sprinkle with black pepper.

8. Wrap tin foil. Preheat 200 degrees in the oven. Bake for 30 minutes.

9. Take it out. Remove the tin foil. Take a new one. Put on rosemary. The oven was baked for about 10 minutes to 220 degrees.

10. Pay attention to the temperature of each oven. Just color on the surface.


11. Baby especially like it. It is also worthwhile.


12, rolls can be squeezed with salad sauce, tomato sauce matching. The taste is great.



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