Fire Golden toad/Tea Pet/Swing


There are seven points on the back of the three -legged golden toad, which means the seven stars of Beidou, which means “seven stars to make money”

There are two bunch of copper coins on the side, and the unicorn on the top of the head of Tai Chi Two inads, also known as the golden toad, has wealth and prosperity

The beauty of wealth and wealth


The ancients had “Phoenix is not inhabitant, and the golden toad is not a wealthy land


The saying of no “

Jin Chan Xijubao Land, wherever he goes, there are treasures underground


Things, can gather money

Material/Natural Wujin Stone

Wujin Stone is produced in Inner Mongolia, Shanxi and other places. The stones are diluted and delicate, and the color is dark and warm.This tea pet uses a whole piece of natural Wujin stone rough cutting directly. After more than a dozen processes including cutting, polishing, carving, and sand spraying, it has been grinded thousands of times, and it is created by handicrafts.


During the tea, it is often poured with tea soup or played with hand. It can show the beauty of the paste for a long time.Get rejuvenating

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