Paste the tape, and the matte glass becomes transparent?

Experiments have proved that this is true, please distinguish the front and back when installing frosted glass in the citizen’s home

Two days ago, the citizen Sun was arranging a wedding room for her son. When she pasted the word “囍” on the matte glass door of the kitchen with a transparent tape, she found that she could see the items in the kitchen through the transparent tape. Surprise: The matte glass pastes the tape and it becomes transparent glass?

For Ms. Sun, the reporter interviewed a number of citizens randomly on the street, and most people doubted this statement. In order to verify the authenticity, on the afternoon of the 24th, the reporter decided to experiment with this.

Weihai Evening News reporter Wang Chunmiaowen Sang Chunlei map

■ Experiment

On the afternoon of the 24th, the reporter came to the Xuyi Glass Store in the urban area. After explaining the intention of Zhang Jidong, Zhang Jidong, Zhang Jidong agreed. He found a frosted glass, a roll of transparent tape with a width of 5 cm, a purple plastic windmill, and then started experimenting to see how the transparency of the scrub glass was in different cases.

The first step is to prepare a piece of froster glass, a roll of transparent tape, and a “windmill”.

experiment one

Several glass to see things, you can’t see anything clearly

Let’s find a smooth matte glass on a smooth side, facing the scrub, and placing a purple windmill on the other side. When the purple windmill is about 10 cm from the frosted glass, it can only blur the color and cannot see its shape; when the purple windmill is more than 15 cm from the frosted glass to farther, the color block of the windmill is reduced until it disappears. We then reversed the frosted glass, faced with a smooth face, and placed the windmill on the other side.

We also found a double -sided scrub frosted glass and experimented according to the above method, and found that the results were the same as the above results.

The second step, before paste the transparent tape, the “windmill” of the glass is blurred. Photo by reporter Sang Chunlei


Experiment 2


Paste the tape with a smooth surface, and the opposite object cannot be seen clearly

We put the frosted glass with a smooth side of the tape, flattened with our hands, and looked at the opposite side through the tape. It was found that there was no difference from before the tape, and the windmills on the opposite side could not be seen.

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