Why are many men who are 40 years old, they can easily be labeled by “middle -aged uncle” and “greasy uncle”. In fact, age and figure are not critical. The important thing is to dress.

After entering the middle -aged man, after years of precipitation and experience, the “dress view” is often more mature than small fresh meat after 90 and 00. Although the “mature man” is attractive, it will always look old -fashioned.

Do not say that you can play with youth, let alone you can play with youthful talents.

Essence Although this year’s popular baseball jacket is loved by the post -90s guy, the 40 -year -old uncle is still stylish, which is not as greasy compared to wearing a suit.

Why can a baseball jacket get rid of the “greasy feeling”?

Thanks to its version advantage, baseball jackets are adopted

“Short -sleeved sleeve long”

The tailoring can cleverly improve the position of the waistline and play a better


Effects save a lot of technical issues for men with scarce fashion knowledge.


Second, baseball jacket has


Age reduction

The effect, but it will not give people a tender feeling, stylish and stylish.

Then the question is:

How does a 40 -year -old man match baseball jacket?



“Inner length and shortness” is a very basic way to wear. Using different clothing lengths to enhance the sense of layering, it can also improve the waistline, cover the hips, and “grow long and avoid weaknesses”.

The dark -colored baseball jacket is equipped with a white T -shirt, and the exposed interior forms a distinctive contrast color difference, creating a strong visual sense, and it also enriches the sense of shape, fashionable and personality.

Compared to the “baseball jacket+T -shirt” of the street trend, a shirt in the inside can show the mature charm of middle -aged men.

Try to choose a style with a curved sense of the shirt as much as possible


It is convenient for the formation of “inner long and outside short” shape, and compared to solid colors,

Printed, plaid models

More fashionable.


02, layered stacking


As a popular item in autumn and winter, baseball jackets are very plastic, especially in “stacking”, which can better reflect its own advantages and take into account fashion and warmth.

Baseball jacket with a hat sweater in the baseball jacket

Use the same color system to create a simple and age -reducing modeling effect. The color of purple knitted hat and sports pants echoed the upper and lower color of the sports pants.

Baseball jacket with a high -neck sweater


Using the advantages of the clothing version, stretch the neck lines and increase the position of the waistline, and perfectly modify the proportion of the upper body.

Put down jeans and heel leather boots, lengthen the legs of the legs to further improve the body proportion of the whole body. The overall style is sporty and casual with a little formal sense, which is in line with the temperament and taste of most 40 -year -old men.

In addition to choosing to create a “stack” effect, accessories can also be used to enrich the sense of layering.

Shawl, scarf, scarf


Small silk scarf

While modifying the neck lines, it also enhances the fashion effect of the upper body and highlights the exquisite taste.

03. Fashion mix and match

Balcony jackets are half -body sporty and casual. You can add some different styles of single items to strengthen the overall styling fashion and taste.

With a high -necked sweater inside to create a dark -colored stacking effect, the lower body is paired with pork trousers+leggings+Martin boots. Don’t have a flavor.

Baseball jacket with formal dress

It is the most in line with the 40 -year -old men’s aesthetic style.


Take a western jacket or shirt inside to create a semi -formal semi -casual stacking effect. The pants can be selected according to the figure. The slightly fat type with loose wide -leg trousers, covering the flesh and thin; Sigh and thin.


The matching shape of baseball jackets and work pants is very suitable for men with rough appearance and good figures, which can also show the charm of male hormones.



Middle -aged is not terrible, what is terrible is also greasy! Men are 40 years old. If it is not necessary, it is not recommended to use the suit as a “daily dress”. It is easy to look greasy. May wish to wear more baseball jackets, fashionable and stylish.

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