Summer’s simple and refreshing dress style is the most loved. Simple T -shirt sports tops can be paired with black or other solid color casual pants, as well as ordinary cotton short sleeves, soft, skin -friendly, breathable and refreshing, which is very suitable for summer When you wear, you need to choose your clothes according to your skin color and body shape, and then choose your favorite and suitable summer color. This is the idea of ​​daily casual clothing, but if it is formal occasion Formally dress, let’s take a look at how to match comfortable and formal clothes in summer!

男性夏日正式场合穿搭 , 跟着七匹狼

A breathable and comfortable top

Top: Men’s mulberry silk pure color Polo shirt. The color of the formal clothing is best to use black, dark gray, sea blue and other conservative colors. The darkest black is the most handsome, while Hailan has some stylish vitality and literary leisure. The shirt uses mulberry silk, with a honeycomb structure and strong breathability. It uses real silk and is very comfortable to wear. It does not feel sultry when it is hot in summer. This cool and breathable fabric can be shaped and breathable. Cool and breathable, bid farewell to the thick stuffy sensation, give the skin a refreshing experience, and the positive Tibetan blue is suitable for people aged 20 to 30. At the same time, you must match the grid to rely on the collar. If they are all blue, they are all blue. They are all blue. Well, I do n’t think this match is strange. The collar is more loose than the tie. The tie is also equipped with black satin collar, which also adds a retro and elegant temperament!

Comfortable and versatile pants

Pants: As for the matching of pants, you can choose black casual pants and straight jeans based on seven wolves. Try to choose the solid color without any pattern. It looks very simple. Jeans have been loved by people because it is not only convenient, fashionable, but also durable for a long time , Practical, I am highly recommended that Qipi black straight jeans, soft and elastic pants, comfortable wearing, light fabrics, they will not be hot in summer, and they are also very young. Pants, and the color feels deep and restrained, so it is also very suitable for formal occasions, but it is officially official. This pair of seven wolves can be said to be very versatile and can be worn on various occasions.

男性夏日正式场合穿搭 , 跟着七匹狼

Seven wolves in summer men’s clothing are mainly daily casual clothes and formal clothes. There are many daily clothing. It is very versatile. This can adapt to most occasions. If you have your own style, you can match it according to your preference. You can get it. Our seven -wolf outlets and offline stores to buy clothes, thank you for reading!

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