Many places in our country have the custom of shaving the hair of full moon. This phenomenon is called “losing hair”. The customs have been circulating for a long time, and it is inevitable that modern people will have a bias. For example, most parents think that their children will shave their fetal hair, and the hair will be bright and dark afterwards. In fact, there is no scientific basis for this statement. Parents do not need to blindly pursue.

This is because people’s hair is not static, and every day is eliminating to welcome the new. The hair growth cycle is generally 2-5 years, and then it will enter the rest period, and the phenomenon of falling off gradually. Even if the full moon shaved his head, he gave birth to a thicker hair. These thick hair will fall off at the age of 3-5, which will not affect the child’s future hair.

However, the first father and mother will definitely think that the child’s fetal hair is precious, so many parents now use the child’s fetal hair to make various souvenirs. But be careful when shaving your child’s hair. The baby’s skin is thin and tender, and it is more sensitive to stimulus such as shaving movements. It is prone to local redness and even formation. Moreover, babies are often difficult to move quietly, and stuff twisted and struggling when shaving their heads, it is easy to hurt their children.

So whether it is for the sake of beauty or to retain the fetal hair, please choose a safe hairdressing device for children, so that it will not hurt the child. So after shaving your head, how to save the fetal hair, teach you a few methods below.

1. Tire brush:


Most Baoma and Dad will choose to make the child’s fetal hair. The brushes made of fetal hair have a certain degree of softness, and it is also suitable and smooth to write. The key can be kept. Therefore, it has naturally become the first choice for parents.


2. Make fetal hair purse:

my country’s traditional lotus bag represents unlimited hearts and love. Moms can also make lotus bags to put the baby’s fetal hair in. This is not only easier to save, not easy to be destroyed, but also a certain aesthetic. Does this represent the load of love, don’t mothers come one?

3. Make fetal hair pendant:


Nowadays, more and more parents have made fetal pendants, and their commemorative significance is getting greater and greater. It is very conducive to preservation to make fetal hair into a pendant. In addition, children can also carry it inside, as a special way of commemorating.

4. Seal of fetal hair:

The form of fetal hair chapter and fetal hair pendant is similar. The difference is that the fetal hair pendant can be hung around the neck, and the tire seal is blocked in a special method in a special method to make it into a seal. Most of them are vacuum and have a strong commemorative effect.

Parents, how do you deal with your baby’s fetal treasure? Welcome to leave a message to discuss it.

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