Smart bracelet is a wearable smart device. Through this bracelet, users can record real -time data such as exercise, sleep, some diets in daily life, and synchronize these data with mobile phones, tablets, and iPod touch to guide healthy life through data. How to use smart bracelets? What should I pay attention to when buying smart bracelets? Which brand of smart bracelets is good? The editor of the MAIGOO network below introduces the relevant content of the smart bracelet in detail.

What is the smart bracelet

Smart bracelet is a new product of recent development of science and technology. It is a wearable smart device that can be worn on the hand like a watch. After wearing a smart bracelet, users can also record real -time data such as exercise, diet and sleep in daily life through the bracelet, and can also synchronize these data to mobile phones or computer devices, and then analyze by analyzing analysis Data to guide users how to live a healthy life.

This design style of smart bracelets is quite tempting for users who are accustomed to wearing jewelry. More importantly, the design style of the bracelet is versatile. Moreover, don’t look at the small hand around, and its functions are still relatively powerful. It has a powerful function that is quietly penetrating and changing people’s lives.

The structure of the smart bracelet

1. Main material: Generally uses medical rubber materials, memory rubber materials, naturally non -toxic.

2. Both ends: There is a silver coating metal hat. The small size is used to change the settings settings, and the other end is used to connect a 3.5 mm plug that connects with the mobile phone.

3. Internal: A lithium battery that can reach 10 days with a built -in battery life, a vibration motor and an action acceleration meter, which has the function of sports health secretary.

4, appearance design: high -end fashion, generous, also has fashion accessories, the appearance has a streamlined flower ring, and the color is diverse. The design style is more versatile.

Sports smart bracelet function

Record sports data

Smart bracelets can record various sports data, including steps, distance, calorie consumption and other data, but it does not distinguish between different types of sports. Caliba is only about value.

智能手环怎么用 怎么连接手机 智能手环的功能及用途知识大全

Health monitoring

Sports smart bracelets can also monitor heart rate and body temperature. Use reflective photoelectric sensors to collect photoelectric signals to monitor the changes in calculating blood capacity, and then calculate the basic parameters of the human heart rate based on the inhalation of the material in the blood and the concentration of the material in the blood. Body temperature detection is to convert temperature changes to changes in the resistance value with thermistor, then use the corresponding measurement circuit to convert the resistance value to voltage, then convert the voltage value to digital signals, and then processes the digital signals accordingly. Temperature value.

Record sleep data

Through contact with the wrist, the sensor monitors the movement, heart rate status, and body movement frequency, and calculate the sleep status and energy consumption of the subject’s sleep, and the algorithms of different products are different. The smart bracelet clearly records four information such as sleeping time, deep sleep time, shallow sleep time, and awakening time.

Alarm clock function

If you have the need to record sleep, the alarm function is very practical. The way he wakes up is not as simple and rude as the traditional alarm clock, but a vibration method, so that the wake -up rate is high and will not affect others.

Push notification and telephone answer

The bracelet or smart watch can remind you through a vibration message when text messages or calls, because this function is still very practical, because the chance of missing calls or text messages is greatly reduced.


The smart bracelet has a waterproof function. You can wear a shallow sea or a river swimming with a hand ring within 10 meters. It overcomes the defects that the traditional paceer cannot track swimming, and it is more widely used.

Smart bracelet working principle

Intelligent bracelet step counting principle

The core component of the step counting function is the acceleration sensor. The acceleration sensor can perceive the direction and acceleration of the object movement. Collect the amplification and filter circuit.

Smart bracelet heart rate monitoring principle

Use reflective photoelectric sensors to enter the deep tissue through the skin through the skin, except for being absorbed by the skin, muscles, blood, etc., the remaining part of the light transmission is perceived by the optical receiver. The changes in blood and the periodic changes of blood volume constitute all the basis for the use of PPG signals to perform heart rate estimation. By calculating the distance between the characteristic points (such as peaks) within the adjacent cycle, the heart rate estimation is achieved.

Smart bracelet sleep monitoring principle

The sensor of the smart bracelet measures the quality of sleep based on the amplitude and frequency of the wrist; the body movement recorder detects small motion by detecting, and determines that the sleep state is sober, light sleep or deep sleep.

How to use smart bracelets

Installation and disassembly of the host

The installation of the host refers to fixing the host to the wristband to facilitate the wearing of users. Its operation method is very simple. You only need to insert the USB on the host to the corresponding interface of the wristband and fix it by pressing the lock. If you want to remove the host, you should first bend the wristband to the lower below to make the host pop up, and then take out the host.

How to connect to the mobile phone in the smart bracelet

First download and install and open the app on the mobile phone and open it; then turn on the mobile phone Bluetooth, call the main menu on the APP homepage, and click the device to bind. Then light up the bracelet, click “Search”, the device name of the bracelet is displayed in the equipment list, and click the device name; finally, the prompt device will be successfully binding and the Bluetooth pairing request, and click “OK” and “Match”, the bracelet, the bracelet, the bracelet, It is bound to the phone.

Smart bracelet function use

1. Objective settings: Enter “target settings” from the main menu, set the number of target steps daily, and the number of steps to reach the target step of the bracelet will vibrate reminds.

2. Sleep monitoring: Set up the sleep time period from entering “Sleep Settings” from the main menu, to the time of the time, the bracelet will vibrate into the sleep mode and start monitoring sleep. By the time of the wake up, the bracelet will exit the sleep mode by itself. The mobile phone can see sleep data in Zero 1.

3. Sitting reminder: Enter the APP to open a sedentary reminder, and set the time period that takes a sedentary reminder. The reminder cycle per hour, as long as the number of activities in half an hour does not reach 200 steps, the smart bracelet will vibrate to remind.

4. Alarm clock settings: Enter “Alarm Clock Settings”-“Add Alarm” set up the corresponding time point to select the date that needs to be repeated.

How to adjust time

1. The time adjustment of most exercise bracelets is on the front, there are two very small keys, and the fingers can modify the time.

2. There is a kind of sports bracelet setting time to stick the arm on the back of the bracelet. This bracelet setting key is very small. You need to use a pointed thing like a pen to be used as a tool to set it.

3. Some bracelets that can connect to smart phones. The time after connecting smartphones will be consistent with the time on the smartphone. If you want to modify the time of the smart bracelet, modify the time of the smartphone.

4. It is possible to check the instructions according to different types of bracelets or inquiries on the official website.

How to choose smart bracelets

1. Clarify the budget

First of all, the budget is clear. Only the clear price can choose the product. According to the required functions, the more expensive the electronic products are.

2. Functional selection

Core functions of smart bracelets: time display, exercise detection, health monitoring. Other functions such as whether the screen is touching the screen, whether it is waterproof, how many meters under waterproof, WIFI function, Bluetooth function, etc., choose the product according to actual needs.

3. Size selection

Smart bracelets are wearable products, which is most critical to wear comfortable with you. To choose the suitable size, you can try it, or measure your hand around before shopping. The size of the smart bracelet dial is also a factors to be considered.

4. Material selection

Intelligent bracelet materials generally include plastic, plastic or metal. Plastic bracelets are more common and lightweight, comfortable to wear. Metals have a special texture more advanced but relatively heavy. Plastic is slightly cheap but more colorful. Material selection can start from your own aesthetic needs and wearing effects.

5, battery life

The rechargeable battery in the intelligent bracelet needs to be charged during use. The length of the battery life determines whether the smart bracelet is convenient. Frequent charging will cause poor use experience. Generally speaking, the shorter the functional products, the shorter the battery life. When choosing, you can make a choice between battery life and function.

6. Smart bracelet brand

Finally, the choice and after -sales service of the brand. Choose the smart bracelet of the big brand. Only a good design can have a good experience, and good product services have good and longer experience products. Editor Maigoo reminds everyone to check the evaluation and user experience when buying products.

智能手环怎么用 怎么连接手机 智能手环的功能及用途知识大全

智能手环怎么用 怎么连接手机 智能手环的功能及用途知识大全

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