Evergrande Jing Nuanchun benefit, launched the “All -member Marketing Month, Buying a house and enjoying the benefits” activity, grateful to give back to new and old customers. It is reported that the old owners recommend 2%of the high commission when they recommend buying a house. Customers who recommend house purchase will enjoy an additional 95%discount and then reduce the discount of 3 million. In addition, the old owner recommends the transaction to get the number of transactions and rewards up to 3,000 yuan per set. This time, it can be described as rewards and upgrades, the discount is upgraded, and the commission will be upgraded again.

Old friends become new neighbors to regain their childhood

The children chased and made trouble, and adults sat around three or five in groups to talk about the shortness of the parents, and they got along in harmony between the neighbors, like a family. This is probably the childhood memory of most post -80s and 90s. Now, we go to the office building and the apartment, and the surrounding neighbors have never even met. Friends of childhood are separated from half a city, and it is not easy to gather together. Rather than being a neighbor with strangers, why not turn friends into neighbors directly? You can make an appointment at any time to regain the beautiful memories of childhood. Guiyang Evergrande Scenery Supermarket, catering, shopping, convenience and other living style commercial streets to meet all the needs of home life. This is both convenient and other shopping venues at the door of the house, but also a great place for friends to gather together. Planning self -built multi -functional community clubs, there are constant temperature swimming pools, gyms, chess rooms, children’s playgrounds … sports and leisure, leisure is friends and relatives, a collision of passion and sweat. There are Evergrande Studios, advanced audio and video equipment, wide venues, a good movie, and enjoying an audiovisual feast.

“Friends” in ecological garden love to enjoy

We grew up accustomed to the hustle and bustle of the city, the complicated and busy work, and rarely have time to taste the rare tranquility with our friends and friends. Guiyang Evergrande’s view was pushed to see the garden lake scene, and felt the clear wind of the morning light. The park is equipped with landscape inner lakes, rationally planned, and carefully designed. On the surface of the lake, the sparkling, quiet inner lake, stacked water fountain, flower bowl pool, strolling water ring stone around, blue waves. The scenery of the lake is the ideal where you relax. Multi -planting is transplanted by full crowns. Talk to my neighbor friends, I often measure the romantic time with footsteps, and feel more green surrounds, alternating the four seasons style.

Here, a vine chair, a cup of milk, a book, a few green plants … nestled on the balcony, enjoy the warm sunlight during the day, and the breeze blows up the hair ends gently; Share food and wine, enjoy the beauty of life. This is the life of Hengda Emperor Jing, and your happiness.

Old belt new and then upgrade double enjoyment good gift

全员营销月 老带新升级钜惠

Evergrande Emperor Scenic Payment, from 55,000 in the first phase, enjoying the construction of about 116-125 square meters of viewing three bedrooms, a duplex viewing house of about 154-235 square meters, 5 sets of special price listings per week. It reached 530,000. “All -member marketing month, old and new upgrade benefits” Thanksgiving giving back is ongoing. As of May 4, 2019, all old owners recommend 2%high commission reward for success. The recommended customers enjoy an additional 95 At the same time, the old owner’s recommendation of the transaction can also be rewarded by the old owner’s recommendation. Each set can reach up to 3,000 yuan. Good houses need good opportunities. Evergrande’s viewing opportunities have come, just waiting for you!

Project Tel: 0851-86644999

Project Address: No. 8, No. 8 Jiaxiu North Road, Yunyan District, Guiyang City


1. Pre -sale certificate: 2018 Building a housing pre -word No. 227;

2. The detailed planning approved by the government shall prevail on the sales site formula, so stay tuned;

3. This information is an invitation to the offer. The rights and obligations of the buyers and sellers are subject to the “Commodity House Sales Contracts” signed by both parties. If the relevant content is updated, please refer to the latest information content;

全员营销月 老带新升级钜惠

4. The introduction of the text, environment, transportation, and public facilities of the surrounding road planning, environment, transportation, and public facilities in this advertisement, which aims to provide relevant information, which will never constitute any expression, commitment or guarantee. In the end, government approval documents and contracts between the two parties shall prevail;

5. The related area section of this advertisement is the construction area, and the final calculation area is subject to the surveying and mapping area of ​​the Housing Management Bureau;

6. Investor: Evergrande Group Developer: Guizhou Integrated Real Estate Development Co., Ltd..

[Pay attention to the headline number Leju to buy a house, and master the time to buy a house. .

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