An article mentioned that people’s memory of taste is the most lasting and can last for decades.

If you want a person to remember you more lasting, then you must have your own unique taste.


Therefore, you can’t be sloppy in the choice of fragrance,

Maybe under the guidance of the smell, you can meet that TA.

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Here are a few perfumes suitable for summer, I hope to help you find the fragrance that best represents your own.


Fresh Literary Goddess Fragrance

Small, don’t hit the incense, have taste


Fresh, literary sense, connotation

AMANI Zhen Diamond Ms. Fresh Percerament

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The pale green perfume is like a cup of mint tea with sugar. It is fresh but sweet. It is a lively and bright feeling of a young girl. Like a small elf, there are sweetness, playful, and more clever.

Balenciaga True Tender Women’s Fragrance

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The pink outer packaging, light pink perfume, and the aroma of a faint rose petals reveal a gentle and elegant from the inside to the outside. It’s like someone gave you a bouquet of roses. The moment I got my hand, I lowered my head and smelled the flowers deeply and felt the charming fragrance of the rose at that moment.

Burberry, exquisite tenderness ladies pale perfume

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It is also the elegant aroma of roses, but this one is not a rose petals from the air, but a strong flavor after the skin of a woman combines the rose petals. It’s like the aroma left in the bathroom after soaking the rose bath.

GUCCI Gorgeous Gardenia Percerament


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This bottle can really occupy the top of the “Men’s Favorite Female Fire”.


Its fragrance is really super long, anyway, there is still the kind of floral fragrance in two days. And it is really sweet, the gardenia tastes strong! There is also a faint taste of cranberries and pears in front. The middle is the taste of pure gardenia, and the tail tone will be lighter.


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This is the taste of flowers and fruits that have been exposed to the big sun in the summer!

Very sweet, clean, and simple. It’s like a white -skirt girl holding milk tea with a white parasol, raising her head to smile slightly at you. There are vanilla and amber tunes, which are also warm and comfortable, making you laugh more brilliant and dazzling in the sun.

Summer sexy goddess incense


Sexy feminine temptation

GUCCI crime loves to cause hot women perfume

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Sin love this bottle is the most classic goddess incense! Pseudo -patchouli is simply a tone, super sexy, super charming, super tempting, super queen. Wearing tight leather clothes, stepping on a pointed heel, riding a heavy locomotive is the image created by this perfume!

Compared with the classic sin, this flavor is more rich and sweeter, and the incense time will be longer. In about a week, I still have the taste of patchouli in the clothes.

Gucci classic luxury perfume

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As the name suggests, luxurious spokespersons are it! The bottle body is a mysterious semi -light crystal glass. The bottleneck is dotted with a gold medal with the Gucci classic horse title chain, advanced!

This fragrance is a very high -level, mysterious and sandalwood taste, just like the noble, elegant and mysterious female star wearing a evening dress. The front -tune bergamot is more lively, the middle musk is mysterious and noble, and the tone is elegant and timeless.

Burberry British fascinating perfume

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This is the neutral perfume of Sipp, which is exposed to it! Extremely strong, super savvy, sprayed with caution. Skin three times, you can smell almost the next table next door!


Ishyberg, my plain perfume

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This extremely niche, Ishberg is a French high -end skin care brand. He once made a few perfumes in cross -border. The quality is very high, but few people know.

Its packaging cover is a young woman with cigars, so cool! It is also a neutral perfume with a faint tobacco and coffee flavor. It feels like a strong woman in a suit. When she was tired, she came out to smoke, and she thought about how she would be stunned later.


Diesel lovedose

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The front adjustment has a strong taste. It can be said that the perfumes of other people’s perfumes are basically not smelled. It is also a sexy fragrance that is also the same. There are pink pepper, and the bottle body is super beautiful. Special, I don’t like the little fairies who have had strong perfumes to buy.

Marc Jacobs Roland Ms. Perfume

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The enthusiastic, the elf who is good at teasing is the official introduction of this bottle of perfume, the peony and magnolia are its main theme, and the bottle body is very chic. Create sometimes temptation, sometimes pure feeling.

I introduced so much,


Have you found the one you like the most?

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Which is the first perfume you have in your life?

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Small, don’t hit the incense, have taste

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