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To say that it is exclusive to summer heartbeat signals, it is the dress,

Not only do you have a sense of atmosphere, you don’t need to work hard to match, you can go out on your body.

However, there are also many sisters complained, saying that

Many dresses of this year seem to be prepared for hot girls, and slightly fat girls only look at it.

I can only say that there are too few skirts you look at!


In fact, there are many dresses that can also wear slightly fat sisters, and they are more charm to wear.

So, what I brought to you today is the urging for a long time

Suitable for slightly fat girls, there are 50 full, gentle and cool and fresh, all styles are available,

There must be the one you like ~

The split dress is definitely a true love god skirt with pear -shaped figure. Don’t underestimate this design,


It can cover the legs and increase the lightness of the lower body,

It makes people look less thick and honest, with a looming beauty.

Friends with thick legs and thighs, you can choose a high -cut skirt,

Because its exposure is just concentrated on the calf, it will give people an illusion of natural legs.

French floral skirt dress is definitely a must -have style,

Who wears who is the gorgeous heroine in the movie!


The solid color is more Hong Kong style,

When taking a selfie of the mirror, Xiaolu’s half -leg, who can say a sister, I can?

Sisters with thick calf, you can choose a low -cut style,

Although it is not as high as high, it looks very elegant.

The slits with lotus leaf edge are also very suitable for sisters with thick calf,

The wavy slit is more agile and playful, which can play a role in visual transfer.

Choose a denim skirt if the meat is pine,

Because their fabrics are harder and can wrap the meat better. (Those who are fat on the upper body can consider making an inside)

If you don’t want to expose your legs so much, you can choose a surrounding dress,

The split is relatively vague, but it can still reduce the thickness of the lower body. You can choose a generous collar with a large chest.


First of all, the most popular on both sides of this year’s dresses are hollowed out. Many stars are on the upper body.


This kind of beings that have not been fully exposed, grabbing me.

The angle of the hollowed out on both sides of its waist is>

It feels visually that your waist is only as thin as the area wrapped in the area. SO, the slightly fat girl can get a small thin waist quietly.

When I did a UR evaluation for you before,

Just test this kind of small skirt, 120 catties of Xuexue put on a paper man.

The most absolutely, its opening is generally at the thinnest ribs,



The meat on the stomach will not flow out, and you can also pull the waistline quietly and get two birds with one stone.

Sisters with small and small calves, I recommend short models, and the effect of pulling the legs will be better.


The easiest to wear the color is a creamy skirt with a sense of purity,


Clean and elegant, you can turn into an oxygen beauty without too much decoration, and you can wear a goddess -like halo.


The dress of the court style is also quite popular this year.

Who can I not love the rebellious and well -behaved hot girl style?

Sisters who always feel that their aura is not enough, you can try suit and shirt models,


Make sure you can wear a strong aura with a fan.

Sisters with thick calf should not be anxious, and the long one also arranges a lot for you.


Those who like Mori style, you can choose this style of Ougenha,

The upper body has its own immortality, giving a sense of people who do not eat the fireworks on earth jio ~

Sisters who go to the royal sisters are more suitable for pure color models,

In this way, I can hold the field. I would like to call it a must -have skirt for my ex -boyfriend.

Gentle sisters can try the low -saturated color style,


There is a sense of atmosphere of Korean beauty.

It doesn’t matter if you are sorry for the fleshy sisters. Recently, the big fish bone dress can also help you solve the problem of big belly.

This kind of skirt is a bit similar to the combination of waist and dresses,


Being able to hold your waist fiercely, the waist is fine, and it will not be very hot or very people to wear.

Most of the skirts are in a shape of an A -shaped or inverted triangle,

Therefore, it is also friendly to sisters with large buttocks and width.

These two skirts are the explosive models on the small red book.


Who can’t confuse when wearing this kind of skirt?


If you think the solid color is too faint, you can try the floral skirt,

The enthusiastic and unrestrained feeling, the Australian wild rose is just the same?

The apple -shaped figure with thin arms can also choose this suspender style,

It can be better avoided, afraid to expose it too much with a thin cardigan.


These two Y2K hot girl tube tops have many stars,

My wall is recommended. If I am afraid of exposed milk, I can make a short sleeve and cover it.


Sisters with thick arms, buy this long sleeve directly,

Because the sleeves are relatively loose, don’t worry about heat.


I think everyone can see this,

This kind of skirt is generally short, which may not be so friendly to sisters with thick calf.


In this case, when you buy double -stress socks and then paired with thick shoes, it is OJBK,


When I wear a short skirt in summer, I like to do this.

I have told you the rule of Personal Slender. I have told you several times. The sisters who forgot it to be thin, follow me to review again: Look at the following two pictures, their area is exact

After the picture on the right is divided by the color block, the area looks much less.


Take another example of understanding:

Wear a black dress alone, and the real waistline is exposed.

After putting on a vest, I looked at it. The waist seemed to have only the exposed white pieces as thin as the one, and the small waist was get in minutes.


So if we want to be thin and thin, we have to hold this principle, that is, that is,


Where you are fat, you choose where to match the color. Sisters with thick waist chose to spliced ​​on the waist,

These two are relatively loose shirt dresses, which are very temperamental, and are more suitable for working and commuting.


These two tight skirts are more suitable for hot girls to control. Although the tolerance of the figure is not so high,

Definitely thinner than solid tight skirts!

If the arms are relatively thick, choose the style that stitches at the arm,


These two pieces of sleeves are also fat and can better take care of worship.

If you have a big breast, you can further choose color combination+V -neck design,

Visually seemed a lot thinner.

Sisters with thicker legs, choose the style of the lower swing color,


Lace is a very popular element this year, and the upper body is quite dark loli.

Those who are fat in the whole body can choose this large color block stitching, especially vertical stripes, which will have a better lean effect.



That’s it for today’s micro -fat dress!

I found you so much in one breath. I wonder if there is one that everyone is satisfied with?

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