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The unexpected cooling foreshadows that winter is coming, and the clothes and decorations in the window should be changed. Judging from the pre -sale records of Lee Jiaqi and Weiya by the domestic e -commerce platform Double Eleven, it seems that the “chopping hands” of the people seems to be even greater.

On the other side of the ocean, the year -end holiday carnival of overseas consumers is coming. Based on the principle of “to be atmospheric and temperature”, people always like to add hats, scarves, gloves, wigs and other accessories in the basic costumes to increase the overall temperature and increase beauty. Especially with the arrival of Christmas, the following products are still hot.

Hat, scarf, gloves “warm three -piece set”,

What are the segmented explosive models?

Hats, scarves, and gloves are the essential “warm three -piece set” in winter. It is also one of the three major product lines of the Dunhuang network fashion accessories industry. The sales proportion reaches more than 30%of the industry, and it shows obvious seasonal characteristics.

According to the season trend of in 2020, from the perspective of monthly sales, hats, scarves, and glove product lines entered the peak season in September, and gradually started. moon.


(Figure/ 2020 hat scarf gloves monthly sales data analysis)

According to the proportion of GMVs in the order range, orders below 300 US dollars account for 80%, but there are more than 1,000 US dollars, especially the hats, Ball Caps and Beanies, a large amount of $ 1,000-5,000 There are many wholesale orders. Sales destination countries are mainly concentrated in the United States, followed by Europe.

Entering the autumn and winter seasons in 2021, the peak season of these products is coming.

1. hat

The hat is mainly the category of eaves, soft woolen hats, fisherman hats, berets, ball hats and peaked caps. In addition to the global hot -selling ball cap, the ruddy hats will usher in a wave of sales in autumn and winter. The seller can focus on the fisherman hat of the fire in 2021, especially the nylon and PU material. It can strengthen the fisherman’s hats of artificial wool, wool, knitted and other materials in autumn and winter.

2. Scarf

According to previous years of hot -selling categories and the prediction of this year’s trend, narrow silk scarves, oversize, shawl, down scarf, wool and sheep scarf, printing scarf and other styles have considerable prospects. For example, a down -filled scarf, many brands on the market have launched such new products, which are expected to become explosive models.


3. Gloves


Consumers will choose the materials of the gloves according to different scenes, such as sporty semi -finger gloves, pure warm wool gloves, and long gloves wearing clothing. But the main popular elements are concentrated on the three materials of leather, PU, ​​and wool.

4. Hat, scarf, gloves: three pieces

The combination set is more likely to attract consumers’ attention during the promotion period. The platform revealed that the popular elements of “heating three -piece set” this year may be concentrated in solid colors, wool, rough needle knitting, and Christmas themes. Generally, it will usher in a small peak of orders in October.

The total exports have been maintained at more than $ 3 billion

The peak season of the wig is here!

According to relevant statistics from national customs, in recent years, the total export of products issued in my country has maintained a high level of more than 3 billion US dollars. North America and Africa are still the top two export destinations in my country’s wigs, accounting for about 75%of my country’s total exports, of which North America accounts for about 38%and Africa accounts for about 37%.

On the Dunhuang network platform, the key product line of the wig is mainly distributed on the hair, hairdressing tools and hairdressing; Mainly. Consumer groups are mainly concentrated in the United States, Britain, France and Italy. Consumer online shopping frequency is about 2-4 times a month. Price, delivery speed and product evaluation are the main factor affecting consumers’ purchase. As shown below:

(Figure source/

Near the end of the year -end and peak season, what are the key categories of these products, and the seller can focus on the layout?

1. Products

Key direction of the sending category:

Combine and curtain accessories, the top of the head, the hair fiber, the hair, the hair, the ponytail, etc. The combination of hair curtains and curtain accessories is mainly black goods, and the price is about $ 20-50.

Key direction of hair cover:

Lace hair cover, chemical fiber hair, live -action knitted hair cover, short and medium -long. Among them, short and medium -long models are popular with lace sets, which were mainly lace; chemical fiber hair sets focused on designing fashion, novel styles, and good wearing effects.

2. Hairdressing tool

Hairdressing tool sales countries are mainly distributed in the United States, Britain, Italy, and France, of which the United States accounts for nearly half. Function design, simple operation, safety (anti -scalding, automatic power off), portability, etc. are an important dimension for consumers to choose.

Key direction of hairdressing tools:

Straight hair, hair dryer, curly rod, styling hair comb, haircut modeling tools, multi -functional integration tools, hairdressing tool sets, etc.

3, hair accessories

The TOP countries of the hair accessories are mainly the United States, accounting for 80%. The seller is recommended to release a combination of products or small wholesale products, focusing on highlighting product styles and design.

Key direction of hair accessories:

Hair clips, cards, hair hoop, hair bands, grabbing, novel -shaped hair accessories, etc.

How to win the traffic of these two winter explosions?

Li Yumeng, the traffic growth team, said that he can start from the following three aspects:

1. Start with product optimization:

Taking wigs as an example, sellers can start from the following aspects when optimizing products:

Title: Do not use stacking duplicate product words or synonyms, core words lean forward;

Picture: Refer to the picture upload and guide the release of 8 pictures. The product picture intuitively expresses the product selling point, function, effect, etc.;

Short drawing: highlight the characteristics of the product, selling points;

Details: separate graphics and text, product selling points, consumers are displayed in the form of graphic and text, try not to use professional terms;

Short video: hot -selling short video, within one minute, the content is best to bring subtitles, do not appear in Chinese, prioritize product use scenarios, product selling points, and second product use operation.

2. Start with the foundation of operation:

Dividered as drainage models and new products.

If it is a store drainage money: low -priced, low -oriented quantity, beautiful and high -quality main map, it is best to have videos, preferably with map reviews, accurate and proper keywords (do not pile up unrelated keywords to avoid reducing search correlations, affect transformation)) It

If it is a new product: to maintain the speed of uploading the new product, it is new; reduce the selling and sell, reflect the differentiation;

3. Starting from marketing: inside and outside the branch.

Inside the station: The seller can raise early traffic through channels such as newcomers, low -cost drainage, group and platform promotion (Seller Coupon).

Outside the station: In addition to Facebook, Google Shopping, and Alliance CPS, sellers can also attract traffic through online celebrity marketing. According to different social media channels, screening in accordance with its own product characteristics is screened to cooperate. The specific advantages and disadvantages are as follows:


Advantages: Large fan base, suitable for advertising; high -quality short video content spread quickly; transfer to private domain effects (FB Group / Messenger).

Disadvantages: cost higher.


Advantages: Fans’ magnitude and influence are basically positive; the video time is long, the product introduces the product, and the viewpoints are more comprehensive; the Internet celebrity OG has more rooted platforms, with high quality and strong appeal; The search weight is high).

Disadvantages: The price of other platforms is relatively high.


Advantages: The quality of the picture is high, the interaction and conversion rate is high; reaching cooperation can be spread as the official material.

Disadvantages: Copywriting cannot add links (need to use Linktree and other tools to add links to BIO).


Advantages: different content push mechanisms; user portraits are younger; more life, grounding; the content of the content is faster and more compact; effectively occupy user fragments; cooperative cost -effectiveness is higher.

Disadvantages: Fans’ magnitude and influence are not necessarily positive (related to the content distribution mechanism).

Want to know how to grab the peak season explosion and detonate the peak season traffic,

(Figure source/

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