White hooded cotton jacket, short and exquisite design, is charming and seductive on the body. Inner covered sweaters, red skirts underneath, black pantyhose and thick -bottomed boots, wearing wool caps, charming and seductive.


Light purple cotton jacket, white plush hooded design, exquisite and fashionable, through the charming taste, with a purple pullover sweater and shirt, wearing dark gray leggings skirts, with short boots, neat and generous. ##


Pinpi’s green cotton jacket, loose and neat version, and the double -sleeve design of Pinpi, make this cotton jacket more fashionable and handsome. Wearing a white coat sweater inside wearing a red skirt, with black pantyhose and lace -up boots, cute and playful.


White wave dot blue short cotton jacket, exquisite and small version, simple and neat style, wearing a generous style. Inside a white bottoming shirt, a red high -waisted short skirt, with black pantyhose and snow boots, a generous and fashionable dress, and easily wearing a perfect figure.


Black cotton jacket, generous and fashionable style, versatile and stylish, absolutely thin on the body, and it feels particularly comfortable. I wear geometric pattern sweaters and shirts, and wearing black lace skirts, showing beautiful little femininity, very good dress. Wearing snow boots is warm and stylish.


Bald blue casual cotton jacket, plush hooded style, casual and generous style, fashionable and beautiful on the body, there is a kind of sports style, the sun is lively. Wearing a black sweater in the inside, wearing a short skirt, with pantyhose and thick -soled short boots, tied a bright color scarf, sweet and cute, very good.

Just covering the PP coat and white tight pants and short boots, the MMs can easily wear a tall figure in winter. Camel and Tibetan blue coat jacket are very fashionable and stylish. The red scarf is very eye -catching winter dress!

The military green coat is paired with a dark green scarf, which has a beautiful color matching, and it has a retro style. The white turtleneck sweater is paired with denim tights and sneakers. MMs wear tall figures in winter, and they are also very temperament!

In winter, a classic camel coat jacket, the suit version of the coat looks intellectual and beautiful in winter, the lapel design is very fashionable, with a wave dot shirt and sweater, warm and moving, short coats with tight -fitting tight -fitting upper body Pants and short boots, make MMs easily wear tall figures!


In the winter, the plaid coat coat that has always been very popular. This gray lattice coat looks very retro style. With denim pants and short boots, lengthen the legs MM to wear tall figures in winter, The white bottoming shirt is paired with a red streaming scarf, which is very simple and beautiful in winter!


Fake two -style coat jackets are very popular in winter. The design of Tibetan blue coats and gray hoodes is very layered on the body, and it is playful and cute. The ground boots are generous and charming!


Temperament MMs must wear white coats that must be worn in winter. The large lapel jacket is very intellectual and temperamental. The short version is matched with short skirts. It ’s a white turtleneck sweater with a mixed hip skirt, which is very sexy S -curved winter dress!

For the short MMs, this match is very tall in winter -the suit version of the coat and white pants and short boots, pulling the waistline is very nine -headed. Then put a white sweater in the inside, very simple and beautiful winter dress, very generous!


There are very college -style Tibetan blue woolen coats. The short version is paired with black leggings and sports. It is very fashionable mix and match style. With trousers, let the short MMs easily wear a tall and good figure in winter!

White kitten sweater with blue diamond shorts, a cashmere denim jacket with a coat, a pair of black comfortable sneakers, a small red bag on the back, and a pair of fashionable sunglasses. With free and fashionable urban trends.

A dark blue sweater inside the denim jacket, wearing a red high -waisted short skirt with black leggings and a pair of blue rivets modified loose cake shoes, put on a college style backpack, put on a small black small black small black small black The hat, the whole body is matched with a sweet college style.

The red sweater with cashmere denim jacket, the dark blue rhombus cotton shorts with gray snowflake leggings and a pair of black snow boots, slanted a gray -white and thick cloth bag, this set of red embellishment highlights the embellishment highlight The atmosphere of youth.


White sweater with a black pencil pants jacket, a velvet denim jacket, wearing a pair of fashionable pointed leather shoes, a large black bag on the back, wearing a khaki knitted hat, this simple denim jacket with Show the tenderness and cuteness of women.

Black and white striped T -shirt coat a denim and knitted stitching hungry jacket, put on a pair of wine red pencil pants and a pair of fringed black loose cake shoes, a black bucket bag on the back, wearing a black knitted hat, the whole set of matching Fashion and retro and perfectly blend together.

The gray retro sweater with a brown sequin shorts, a jacket of a denim and PU leather stitching jacket, wearing a pair of khaki boots, and a rose red bag highlight the whole set of bright colors. This body is highlighted. Meimei’s youthful fashion.


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