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This is the first finished product in 2019. Due to various kinds of busy and bad weather, the finished product will take several days to dry. Take advantage of the forum activities, let’s make fun!


The lines are deeper purple and blue with mixed colors, but my porridge! Three rows of “little pearls” in the upper part of the front film are very beautiful. It is said that this line is a bit “screwed” in the process of weaving, and it is a little hard, but the finished product is great after the water is dry!


Line: The Italian color of the forum’s family is 568 grams of the Italian colorful wool horses and horses.

Use needle: Sanyan 8.9.10 (for the pins by the clothing)


Clothing length: 55 cm (before washing the neckline before) 57 cm (after washing)

Sleeve length: (underarm volume) 47 cm, 48 cm after washing

Breast (quantity of the post) 56 (before washing), 55 cm (after washing)



The diagram of the latter film is referred to the sister wheat-Wuhan, thank you here!


The diagram of the previous film is as follows

Weaving note:

Rear film:

At the beginning of the 9th needle, 114 knitted double threads 24 lines of about 8 cm, replaced by No. 8 needle, according to the graphic drooling pattern, which is 3 sub -needle+(1 up +6 lower +1 upper+12 below) × 5 groups +1 up +6 lower +1 +1 Upper +3 pins. Weaving about 64 lines of 64 lines as the starting point of the cuffs, then weave 48 lines, then leave 30 stitches at the neckline, 42 stitches on each shoulder, 2-1-3 on the neckline, and 39 shoulders at the end of the shoulder 39. Needle. Note that the neckline is remembered at the same time as the reward of the oblique shoulder 8, 9, 10, and 12 stitches.

Front panel:


No. 9 needle 58 stitches and 24 rows of woven double threads. Change the 8th needle according to the illustration of the pattern. Doudou I use hook hooks. Two rows of “Doudou” began to leave 28 stitches (finally picked 30 stitches} when we knitted pockets. When weaving the second row of “Doudou”, the neckline was reduced. According to 2-1-16, 4, 4 -1-3 reduces the needle, and finally there are 39 stitches on the shoulders. I only woven two rows of “Doudou” above my pocket. Small “pearls” on the position, so that the clothes have some “highlights”! Hahaha..



One lazy man, the sleeve is weaving 80 stitches. 10-1-12, finally the average needle reduction of 56 stitches was replaced with No. 9 knit 30 rows of double threads, and the 1-line pin was packed (No. 10 needle).


No. 9 picked 338 knitted double thread 9 lines, 2 lines of flat needles, and the 10th needle set ends.



Pick the bag with 30 knitting and 6 lines, 1 line of flat needle. Pick the pocket and pick 30 knitting to the position of the double thread (about 26 lines) and the needle. Sewing on both sides.


• END •

Author | Feiyangcao

Source: Weaving Life Forum

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