Parker. Mr. George S.Parker founded Parker in 1888 and has been committed to creating a “better pen” with the concept of “excellent work and the choice of wise.” Famous composers Puccini, novelist Conan Douer, and famous Chinese writer Zhang Ailing have created a masterpiece of the world with Pa Kebi. Since 1962, Parker has been a British royal brand, and has repeatedly witnessed history as an important treaty. The century -old glorious history has created Parker’s excellent quality.



Montblanc International (GMBH) Montblanc International is a manufacturer of a boutique pen, watch and accessories under the German group. Based on the “White Hexagon Star” trademark. In 1906, it was founded by a stationery dealer, an engineer, and a banker in Hamburg, Germany.

Hero Hero

In the history of heroes for decades, the hero pen has created a large number of well -known good pen in the Chinese pen industry, even the world -renowned good pen, such as 100 golden pen, 200 golden pen, hero 800 gold pen, hero 616 铱 铱, hero 329 铱 铱 英, etc. Wait.



Schneider is a supplier of international writing tools from Germany. Professional engaged in writing and production of writing tools. The main products include pens, ultra -slip medium oil pens, ballpoint pens, signature pens, space pens, pencils, signs, fluorescent pens, whiteboard pens, and so on.


Duke duke

The Duke brand is one of the earliest joint ventures between China and Germany. With the rigorous manufacturing process of Germany and the advanced design of Europe, some high -end products combine the charm of the East, creating an extraordinary appearance design.



French Wedvin is the oldest pen -made company in the world. A large amount of precious metals to precisely produced Wedvin is a stunner that publicized his personality to the fullest. The prominent history of more than a hundred years has made Widiwen’s favor of European power and business people. The stunning style and bold color application and excellent handmade manufacturing make Wedvin’s pen has no right value.

Orola Aurora


Aurora Group is a well -known Italian writing tool manufacturer in the world and one of Italy’s famous family businesses. Aurora is a legendary name in the history of Westerners. Since 1989, Aurora has enjoyed a noble reputation in the international stroke industry. Whether in paper, history, or any other aspects, it has clearly left a mark. The most famous “Robb Report” luxury magazine in the United States has awarded Aurora’s “King of the King” award.



Pelikan is a well -known pen brand in Germany. PELIKAN has created the essentials full of artistic life with precise technology and rigorous research and pursuit of the perfect spirit of Germany. Pelikan started in Hanover, Germany in 1838, and was founded by the European royal family in Europe in 1883.

Lamy Safari

Lamy Safari is a well -known pen producer in Europe. In 1980, the Lamy Safari series of pens. In 1994, he won the Hanover IF design award and became the brand’s representative.



In 1908, Walter Relief (Walter · A. Sheaffer) invented the rod self -filled ink patent of the ink patent. After being modified in 1912, he ambitiously entered the fierce competition with 58 peers with the United States. Later, under his sensitive business mind and the dual effects of continuous innovation, the rulsive business was booming and gradually stepped into the elegant church of the world.

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