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Every time her sister goes to Watsons, she will be turned around by the Cabinet Sister’s sweet words, and then she is willing to buy a card with a willingness to go home.

But that’s all young, it hurts me, I laughed, who made Watsons still have so many cheap goods, and I also practiced a pair of fire eyes that were distinguished (don’t envy me).


I have all the hidden lists, I am ready to help you, do n’t suffer according to buying, enter the door, sweep the goods, swipe the card, and go through the clouds.



QVS diamond puff, reference price: ¥ 15


It really does not conceal. From the beginning of contact with makeup, there are also a hundred puffs she has read, but QVS’s puff can still have names, soft, uniform air holes, and do not eat powder too much.

It will swell after absorbing water

It is very large and thick. I can still fight with a few times with a few times. People like me are relatively lazy. I do n’t want to clean it later.

02, Piece Michel Runze Cleansing/Reference Price: ¥ 19.5

Pianli Micide is the cheapest amino pickled facial cleanser. Her sister and the lady of the editorial department feel that they all think

It is easy to explode,

Even if I use other facial cleanser, I will have the same time with Mizi

The paste is pure white. The bubbles are very dense.


Dry skin, neutral skin and acne



03/Vaselin Repair Symbly Frozen/Reference Price: ¥ 16.8


Universal Vaseline, you deserve it,

One bottle top eight bottle


There are wood, from hair shit to the toes, there is no one that the big man can’t settle, and the hair is too hard to blow the hair and fry the hair.

Wipe a little bit of Vaselin

You can smooth the flying hair in an instant, but you need to control the dosage, otherwise it is a big oil head, daily,

lip mask


Using super sticks, the fat ingredients can keep the lips bright and tender, which can effectively help


Reduce lip lines


New shoes are not afraid of grinding feet,

Apply a layer of leather shoes

It will soften in one or two days, and it can be quickly relieved directly on the ground skin. It is versatile and cheap large bowl. The gospel of a slum girl is it.


Lili Bell Cotton Cotton Reference Price: ¥ 18.5

Lilbeel is simply my real cotton pad. The domestic cotton cotton pads carry the handle. Her sister is covered by the box as the unit.

Three -layer pressure edge

The cotton pads are well grasped well

The touch is very soft and will not fall off at all. In the case of light makeup, I usually can remove the full face in three pieces. I also use it for daily cleansing.

Instead of rubbing the face,

A large area of ​​wash towels feel a bit wasteful, and it doesn’t hurt to use it at all


Johnson & Johnson Beauty Hand Cream/Reference Price: ¥ 19.9


Her sister has always had a good opinion of Johnson & Johnson. At that time, she tried it in Watsons and felt the taste.

It smells well,

Usually, someone always asks me, “What are you rubbing so fragrant?” (Hee hee hee)

it belongs to

The paste is very delicate


The kind of that is easy to push away, there is no greasy at all,

lasting value

There are also a lot of good. The code workers like her sister feel that it is moisturized. Every time I apply my hand, I think I am the peach.


Outstanding Miyuki Acne Patch/Reference Price: ¥ 26

Her sister actually had acne, but once a acne was particularly prominent in her cheeks, she couldn’t dispel it for several days, she just took a box of this box in Watsons.

On the second day, the acne is flat


No exaggeration! I am stunned. Once many people have acne on their faces, they can’t control to pick and squeeze them, but if they are not careful, they will have the risk of scarring.




Meibian Eye Lip Makeup remover

Reference price: ¥ 29


The blue color separated by water and oil is really beautiful. Shake it hard before using it, then pour it on the cotton remover cotton, put it on the eyes


Knead it at one time, the eye makeup can be removed quickly, and the cleaning power can not be said.

This eye and lip unloading her sister has been empty, and the professional is easy to use and the price is beautiful.


It feels like it has been uncomfortable for so long




You Nijia Super Save Water Water Cotton

Reference price: ¥ 29.9

Fire to the super -friendly super -saving water cotton pad, pour a little lotion to the top, you can wipe the whole face,

Water preservation and water release ability

They are very temporary, do not waste a little lotion

One can be divided into two pieces, plus a reasonable tailor, the three can be applied to the whole face, which feels much better than the compressed mask wet compresses.


Alovivi four -in -one makeup remover/reference price: ¥ 29.9

Known as the cheap version of Bedma’s makeup remover, the price is so cheap. I must buy it. It doesn’t hurt to wash my face directly.

More gentle,

There is no discomfort to use sensitive muscles,



It’s pretty good

After removing makeup, you will not feel dry after removing, but the makeup remover is worse than Bedma.

It is difficult to remove lipstick makeup,

Try a few more times, more suitable for girls with daily light makeup



Xiaomi Ti Run Lipstick Lip Balm

Those who love it love it very much, and I do n’t know why who hate it. Her sister really thinks that it is more than a lot. The lip balm is too much. It is also very fresh, although it is glue, but

Non not greasy at all

Apply before going to bed at night, and it will not be killed the next day, and except for toothpaste models, there are


Lip rod


Lip lip fat,

Meet all our preferences in all aspects


Danbisi Short Pipe Cotton Fantasy Series Series


The physiological period of suffering and suffering is uncomfortable.



Feeling, every second feels that blood stains her pants, and keeps high tension at all times. With the Danbisi short pipe cotton, the physiological period can be moved freely.

The catheter push lightly


Just do

There is no foreign body feel at all,

Anti -gravity leakage design,

Basically, you can avoid the style of blood stains, and at the same time reduce the traditional sanitary napkin, the warmth and stickiness brought by it. After using it, you can change it back. I always feel that I have been sealed by my aunt again.


Bitetis free washing spray/reference price: ¥ 49

If some people are not worth washing your hair for him, what to do if you have to ask you to go out, you can only take out my free -to -spray shape. My hair is very popular. Sometimes it depends on the exemption. Wash and spray life

Spray it lightly, grab it twice again,


The hair is dry immediately, but be careful that you must spray a uniform amount, otherwise it may explode like dandruff



Xinbi Double Moisturizing Water Sensing Sensorship, Reference Price: ¥ 58.8

Xinbi is definitely a cheap large bowl of sunscreen. Her sister is basically using it throughout the summer. At first, it was just because it was cheap. After using it, I surprised me.

The most afraid of skin care in summer is sticky, but it will not have this kind of trouble with it at all. The texture is very water. It is very comfortable to apply on the face. The membrane is fast and refreshing. The muscle is completely uncomfortable at all, even if it is used to apply the body, it doesn’t hurt



E.L.F dazzling color baking high light powder/reference price: ¥ 59


It has always been a popular brand in the opening. Baking highlights can be said to be the hottest highlights in its house. Little fairy with a low budget can try this

The powder is very delicate, and the color is well grasped. The color is super beautiful and it is not easy to heavy. Even novices can easily control it. The cost performance in the same price is very cost -effective.


Birou makeup remover/reference price: ¥ 59

When it comes to Birou, you will think of two words: cheap, and the beauty king big S said that it is easy to use makeup removal milk, then of course I want to buy it, it is a lotion texture, it feels

Very moist

The ability to dissolve makeup is also good. Base makeup, lipstick, eyebrow pencil, mascara, can basically be done, the skin is also after unloading


No tight feeling


L’Oreal Hyh Holding Essential Oil/Reference Price: ¥ 75


When her sister went to college, there was a roommate. Her hair was always smooth and translucent. My hair was always frying. After using her moon essential oil once, I decisively entered the same amount.

Transparent oily texture

Take an appropriate amount of essential oil on the palm of your hand every time you use it, and then apply it to your hair.

Soft and bright,


And the taste of the flavor is super good, even the perfume is saved



L’Oreal dye spray/reference price: ¥ 79


Those who love to dye their hair have this trouble. Suddenly, a mirror found that the black hair grows a lot. How does it look strange? It is super influenced by the beauty. It happens to catch up with what big events will happen tomorrow, ex -boyfriend wedding or something … It comes in handy

Quickly make up a hair root, and return your beautiful hair in minutes, the hairline is too high, or the fairy with a sparse amount of hair can also use it to make up


As long as you don’t touch it, it’s okay for a day, which is much longer than hairline powder.


Shufu scrape the knife, reference price: ¥ 79

When it is time to expose the arms and legs, the hair removal is of course the top priority of our hair star. The hair removal cream is a time -saving and troubled choice, but the sensitive muscles dare not use it. It is relatively stable for hair removal knife. Ordinary hair removal blades need to be foaming.


Shufu scrape the knife

Soap knife


I won my heart, and I completed the hair removal industry directly when taking a bath.

Failure and smoothness will not scratch the skin

Complete the transformation of kiwi to boiled eggs in minutes


too cool for show repair powder/reference price: ¥ 89


The little fairy who loves makeup must be no stranger to TOO COOL. A plate can basically get all the needs of repair. Three color tones can always adjust the shadow suitable for their skin tone.


Its color rendering is not particularly high, so it is very very

Suitable for novices to practice,

A small amount of blooming many times, it will not seem to be dirty, and the daily shadow is also very suitable. Her sister occasionally uses the deepest amount to make eyebrow powder



Meibian rubber cover concealer pen

Reference price: ¥ 89

Mebian’s rubber concealer should be a man with a hand, right? Often appeared in the videos of major beauty bloggers. Her sister was originally purchased at Watsons, and later found that many people are recommending it.

The concealer can be said to be very capable, even if it is deep

Acne printing eye bag dark circles

You can hold it, and the design of the sponge head is also very suitable for daily use. I usually carry it with me when I go out.

In fact, there are many things that Watsons use well. Her sister has picked up some products I have used it and have a high office call to share with you, and there are several Watsons shopping.

Small merit,

Let’s take a look together ~



1. The door of any Watsons store will be placed at the door

Preferential magazine

You can learn the latest discount activities;


2. Follow Watsons


You can also learn at any time that time -limited activities and Watsons’ preferential activities in major platform malls;

3. Behind the cash register


Sometimes it is really cost -effective. If you often patronize, you can get a member card,

Gongbian cost 20 yuan

If you don’t want to do it, you can find a staff member or the customer in the store.

How about, see today’s push, do you suddenly feel itchy and itchy? I feel that I have missed one billion yuan, and I can’t wait to think of Watsons stroll around, go, go ~

What kind of super useful stuff did you buy in Watsons? Welcome to vigorously in the comment area!

Reference price: ¥ 29.9


Reference price: ¥ 29.9

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