Bitwell and Fortube reached a comprehensive strategic cooperation to build an exchange and Defi ecology



Digital asset derivatives trading platform


Announcement with DEFI lending platform


Reach a comprehensive strategic cooperation.The two sides will conduct comprehensive in -depth cooperation from the dimensions of application ecology, community operations, and technical cooperation.At 16 o’clock on March 16th, Bitwell launched Fortube to control the spot transaction of tokens and opened a one -week trading contest to participate in the user’s total value of 4000 USDT for the user.The yield is 10%-15%, and the funds are deposited with it.It is worth mentioning that the Bitwell platform to communicate Well will soon access the Fortube platform, and users will be able to use Well directly on the Fortube platform for borrowing.The cooperation parties said that they will work together to create a simpler, smooth, low -cost transaction and borrowing experience to jointly expand potential opportunities in the DEFI field.

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#Digital currency [Super Dialogue]#

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