In the 21st century, the information explosion, global warming, uninterrupted terrorist attacks, immortal forest fires, elusive new crown viruses … The “bat” effect continues, disrupting and changing every day It happened.

21st Century Youth (CR: Network)

Segees of Gen Z, a group of young people who grew around the 21st century, regarded changes as usual, and are good at filling various regrets in life with self -deprecation. When the sun rises and falls, the rain of the weather forecast is as expected, and the rotary star movement seems to affect their smile. Feeling in the heart is higher than everything, the so -called rules are not worth mentioning. In this era of wanting to flood, the vases are full of impetuous society, and they are still looking at the world with their own unique sets of standards. This is the generation Z generation in Guuka’s eyes.

Rebellion and Bold Gene (CR: Network)

What era is this? You can’t deny that sub-culture such as Hip-Hop has become the mainstream, “OLD TOWN Road” Billboard, genius girl Bili is born, and the potion brother Guo became popular in the young group … There are countless new stalks every day every day … Born, the younger generation is good at expressing themselves on social platforms and enjoying the happiness of becoming a “minority”.

Billie Eilish (CR: Network)


“Peace and Love, Guuka No War”, this is Guuka’s English Slogan, and Chinese Slogan is “born anti -bone.” Promote the war that stops endlessly, pay more attention to the inner world of individuals, enjoy loneliness, and do not become the so -called Wuhe people. In this world, nothing is more valuable than having independent personality. Guuka accurately seized the spiritual core of the youth of generations.

Guyou Card: Born Anti -Bone


The rhetoric of the words is that the retro tide of “steam waves” is popular in generations. The once popular elements have come back, and 70S and 80S come. What’s more, the work clothes of the American factory in the 1980s, the work clothes of the American factory, turned into the “Xiangxiang” of the trend circle more than 100 years later. The tough silhouette and simple color matching are just right to mix the delicate and rough and rough, Guuka’s unique military uniform LINE, and the unique feelings of the sense of technology and functional style, and they will match the enthusiasts of the Z -generation worker in Sai Bo Po.

American worker

Here are a few selected work of the Girl Girls:

Look1 :: Cyberpunk Tibetan Tibetan -colored functional dressing jacket

The most characteristic of the Siber Punk elements, the dark and weird pockets, the big pockets of the sleeves, the bold collision of the tough tailoring and the colorful round brooch! The bright Guuka blue is the eye -catching pen into the soul. The so -called silence of generations is not compromised to the boring adults. The rushing youth is far more than there is a fixed color.



LOOK2: weight loss sensorarian jumpsuit

The blue and white color scheme corresponds to the blue sky and white clouds, and the vast universe is full of unknown. The natural alienation brought by Onepeice is like the sense of weightlessness after leaving the surface of the earth. Unable to touch, but it is extremely yearning for people. In terms of matching, we do not destroy the original cleanliness, but choose a silver accessories that are simple and personal, cold and high -level, refusing to be thousands of miles.

Look3: denim blue dye dye jacket


Light -colored denim blue with tie -dye accidentally collided with unruly feeling, crushing and beautiful, this is the intention of the designer. The windshield design of the neckline and the design of the three -dimensional pocket of the chest adds a full sense of motorcycle. No matter how weak the girl is, it is like a cold killer with BUFF.

Look4: Cyber ​​purple gradient work jacket

Cyberzi stood out in the Z era, and was an effective export of the younger generation to evade reality. The silky touch of polyester fiber encountered the outposting purple orchid gradient. The contradictions are interesting, and the reality and dreams itself are different. The blue -purple -like blue -purple -like blue -purple seems difficult to match. Using the principle of smooth color, weakening the impact of color, the rebellious girl easily out of the street!


Look5: Cement -tie -tie -tie -dyeing printmaker energy workpack jacket


The reinforced concrete in the impetuous city, the high -rise buildings make people feel smaller and smaller. Generation Z is a species of emotional richness. Under the self -protection of all armed, it is the full shout of the teenager’s lonely heart.


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