In the era when Nokia mobile phones were popular in the Chinese market, I rarely saw someone shelling on the mobile phone film. Even after Nokia launched a “semi -intelligent” large -screen mobile phone equipped with the Saipan system, rarely rarely rarely brought the mobile phone film.

When the Android system and iOS system became the mainstream, I found that after many people started a new mobile phone, the first thing to do was the film shell, and then I started to experience the performance of the mobile phone.


Especially when Apple’s iPhone sells special sale in the Chinese market, people’s “importance” of the iPhone that has started can be described as a new height.

In other words, for quite a few people, the newly bought iPhone must have a film shell. At the same time, in the early stages of starting, the attitude towards the iPhone was “afraid of falling and bumping.”

All in all, the newly bought iPhone must be shell, and it is quite cherished in daily use. However, I found another interesting phenomenon: the new iPhone will become indifferent after using it for a while. Furthermore, the iPhone is not important at all with a shell, and the sticking film is not important. Good feel is king.

So, what is the reason behind this phenomenon? In fact, it is worth exploring. Later, after some thought, I finally understood. The newly bought iPhone is a film shell, it doesn’t matter after a while, there are two reasons.

First, users’ demand for the new iPhone transitions from strong to a stable period.


Under normal circumstances, before starting the new iPhone, people will determine their own needs, budgets, etc. Then, you will select a new iPhone according to the actual situation. In this state, it directly means that in the early stage of the new iPhone, the needs of users are in a strong period. Based on this, it will produce very cherishing behavior of iPhone.


However, after using for a period of time (such as one year), because the user’s demand for the iPhone is gradually declining, it will eventually enter the stable period, so whether the iPhone is a film with shell, it is not the most important thing at all. On the contrary, whether the iPhone is smooth and whether the battery life can maintain a relatively stable level is more concerned by users.

Second, the “life cycle” of the iPhone can make people have different perceptions at different stages.

Generally speaking, the use cycle of an iPhone mobile phone is about three years; in fact, the iPhone of ordinary people can be used for five years. This process actually reflects the “life cycle” of iPhone.

Imagine that a new iPhone, the “life cycle” in the user’s hands, has just begun to calculate, and users will naturally cherish it. After using it for a while, as the iPhone’s “life cycle” gradually shortens, the user’s attitude towards it will also be valued to an indifferent state. This is the law and the fact that the so -called attention will be formatted.


In other words, the new iPhone can get higher attention. After a long time, the attention will decline or even format. Especially in a fast -paced lifestyle, this phenomenon is even more significant.

In summary, it is two reasons for the new iPhone to have a shell, which is used for a period of time. Of course, there may be some factors that I don’t think of. Everyone can speak freely and discuss it together.

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