“Hello, I found a suspected book in the bookstore in the bookstore. Please cooperate with the next process.” On February 15th, when the primary and secondary school students returned to school, law enforcement officers in Wuhan Pass District were around Wuhan Fourth Middle School. In a bookstore, he found several infringement violation books. He ordered the owner to remove the shop on the spot and reminded the owner to pay attention to reviewing the content of the book when purchasing.

On the same day, the Cultural Law Enforcement Brigade and the streets jointly carried out concentrated operations of the Winter Olympics. The Law Enforcement Brigade of the Cultural Market of Laou District carried out a network inspection of cultural and entertainment venues and the stationery stores around the campus. Inspection mainly conducted content reviews of stationery, books, cultural and creative peripherals such as the campus bookstore stationery store during the opening season. Some suspected Danmei literature books have more than 15 volumes, and more than 20 postcards around the postcards and blind boxes. Law enforcement officers have given policy preaching to the owner. “Pier” “Xue Rong” and other hot stuff plush toys and stationery.

Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, the copyright protection of the Winter Olympics has entered a critical stage. Since February, the market law enforcement authorities such as the Market Supervision Bureau of Laoukou District have strengthened the copyright inspections of key markets such as wholesale markets and business retail points to see if there are any cultural and creative cultural and creative cultural and creative cultural and creative cultural and creative cultural and creative cultural and creative cultural and creative cultural and creative cultural and creative cultural and creative cultural and creative culture and innovation. Derivatives increase the investigation and punishment of the Winter Olympics infringement. At the same time, adhere to the movement forward, prevent problems before it occurs, strengthen publicity to the society and enterprises, guide the whole society to strengthen the Olympic logo protection and propaganda, spread the knowledge of intellectual property rights of the Olympic logo, guide relevant industries to self -discipline, regulate market behavior, and enhance the public Olympic Olympic Sign a sense of protection and prevent infringement risks from the source.

On February 16th, the Propaganda Department of the Wuhan Market Supervision and Administration Bureau and the Municipal Party Committee also conducted inspections on the Dongfu Mall of Hanzheng Street to sell toys and stationery. Comprehensive inspections of goods.

According to the person in charge, the centralized operation of the Winter Olympics will continue until the end of March. In the next step, Laoukou District will continue to improve the working mechanism of the winter Olympics copyright protection in the jurisdiction, and rely on the streets and communities to “sweep the pornography and fight non -” grass -roots stations to increase publicity, improve the awareness of copyright protection of the masses, and create a good copyright protection environment. (Zhanou)

(Responsible editor: Guo Tingting, Guan Xiyan)

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