New semester, new weather

Last semester’s schoolbag


Are you worthy of you in this semester?


Know how can your heart cabinet turn a blind eye ~

Come on the backpack in the opening season ~

Activity time: 2020.8.31 (Monday) ~ 2020.9.6 (Sunday)

From kindergarten to university

There is everything!

The cabinet will not leave any small pot of friends!

Look at it! Intersection Intersection

Let’s row from childhood to childhood at a young age


First, the kindergarten small pot friends


Plush small backpack

Comfortable plush material, fit the body

The weight of the backpack is only 0.15kg

Will not cause any burden on the body

Shoulder strap regulation

Whether it is tall and thin, it can always be adjusted to the appropriate length of the child

Protect the baby’s body

Start from you and me! Intersection Intersection


Original price 25 yuan/piece

The opening season is only 17.5 yuan/piece


Hard -shell chick schoolbag

With a soft plush schoolbag

How can I have a cute hard shellbag?

[Yellow, blue, red, pink] Four color options

Male treasures and female treasures are applicable

Give your baby a cute and love new semester

Original price 35 yuan/piece

The opening season only costs 19.9 yuan/piece

The cute kindergarten bag is over

Next is that the homework will never be done ~

Friends of elementary school


Strong durable cartoon schoolbag

Teacher friends now

There are so many homework knowing

Therefore, the practicality of the schoolbag is important! Intersection

This schoolbag is a fabric for nylon material

There are main bags, secondary bags, side bags

The capacity is absolutely enough!

Suitable for children in grades 1 to 3

Original price 36 yuan/piece

The opening season is only 18.8 yuan/piece



Girls Barbie cute schoolbag

The schoolbag is durable, strong bearing capacity

It can be easily weighed 40 pounds

3 -layer+2 side bags = large capacity

There is a large trumpet


Small 2nd floor, recommended grade 1 to 2

Large 3 floors, suggestions 3 ~ 6th grade

2 models

2 colors

3 styles

Choose at will

Original price 38 yuan/piece


Strong and durable elementary school bag ends

Next is the youthful personality ~

Big friends ~ Lai ~~

Super cool Oxford cloth bag

Oxford Textile material

Ultra -large capacity, a must -have for school!

Junior high school, high school, university can be memorized

Go out easily, get a bag

Back it on it, you are the coolest lady in this street

Original price 48 yuan/piece

The opening season is only 29.9 yuan/piece


Large -capacity Oxford cloth bag


Still Cool Cage, Cool Ger’s must -have backpack

[Red, black, green, khaki]

Four -color optional

Comfortable and lightweight, can be plugged in a lot of things

Original price 45 yuan/piece

The opening season is only 28.8 yuan/piece



Multi -function Oxford cloth bag ~

The internal structure of the backpack is

[Zipping bag, mobile phone bag, certificate bag

Movement zipper bag, computer plugging, camera plug pocket]


Is it the appetite of the students who go to school outside the country? Intersection


There are 10 colors to choose from the bag

Favorite babies can go and see ~

Original price 51 yuan/piece

The opening season is only 30.6 yuan/piece



College wind backpack

The previous bags are more neutral windy

How can the cabinet forget to love the little princess ~

2 styles

3 kinds of grids

【Lan Ge, Kagig, Red Ge】

Soft wear -resistant canvas fabric

Personal decoration, light and comfortable, fashion travel

Sweet like it

Is there a caution that captures you?

Original price 52 yuan/piece


Girls’ shoulder -handed crossbody bag

Cute design

Nylon material

Large capacity

Can be shoulder, obliquely, hand -can handle

【White and green color, green, black, pink】


Original price 42 yuan/piece


The opening season is only 26.6 yuan/piece


Girls shoulder canvas bags

Women’s new shoulder canvas bag ins


Putting books, folding umbrellas, water cups, tablets

Class, work, go out for a bag

Original price 41 yuan/piece

The opening season only costs 22.2 yuan/piece

Is it great? Intersection

Hurry up to buy!

WeChat scan code recognition mini program- “Outlets for shopkeeper”




The opening season only costs 19.9 yuan/piece

Oxford Textile material

Four -color optional

The opening season is only 28.8 yuan/piece

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