The sofa is a big furniture that every household will buy. When the ordinary people are decorating, they choose double or three sofas with large size. The single sofa, because only one person can sit alone, and most people have limited living room area, do not want to put a single sofa specifically, worrying that the single sofa in the middle of the living room will affect the spacious effect of the moving line and space. So what are the benefits of single sofa at home? Where can the single sofa with a large size be placed at home?

// 1. The benefits of single sofa? //


① Single seat, sitting position at will

Single sofas are different from double and three sofas. There will be other people next to sitting next to them. There will be some psychological restraint in the sitting position. Single sofa is an exclusive position. Your sitting position can be freely and free. Seat feel.

▲ Many people’s sofas, if there are guests coming, the sitting position will affect.

② Single seats, comfortable enjoyment


In terms of styling design, single sofa will be done more based on ergonomics, such as lazy sofas, two -handed armrests, and other designs. They have experience on the single sofa, which can give people a comfortable and enjoyable seat experience.


▲ If you are a single sofa, even if you come to the guests, your sitting position can be more presumptuous.

// How to arrange a single sofa? //

① Sofa 3+1 combination

In the sofa layout of the living room, many people will choose the “3+1” sofa combination to place the three -person sofa and single sofa in the living room, which can bring a flexible and convenient seat experience. If you are at home, you can lie on the sofa or enjoy the single sofa alone; some guests come, guests sit on the sofa, and the owner is more convenient to make tea on a single sofa.

▲ The “3+1” sofa combination of the living room, put on a single sofa.

② Leisure space

If there is a leisure area at home, put a single sofa in the leisure area. When you are free, you can sit on a single sofa and enjoy a natural and relaxed experience.

▲ There is a casual sofa chair in the leisure area, and there will be a more comfortable experience here.

③ Big bedroom

If I have a relatively large area, I can also put a single sofa chair on the bedside and the side of the bed. Whether it is to read the phone before going to bed, I can sit here after waking up. Retrieve your status quickly.

▲ The bedroom looks big in space, with a single sofa, beautiful, elegant and comfortable.

④ In the study room

In the independent study room, if you usually read books in the study, you can put a single sofa with relatively high comfort and sit in the sofa to read a book. At the same time that you can enjoy reading, you can also be more casual and natural.


▲ Reading a book at home, the posture does not need to be too formal, it is good to relax properly.

⑤ Leisure balcony

Among the two balcony units, many people will consider adding a leisure balcony at home. On a leisure balcony, a comfortable single -person sofa is usually sitting here to read books, appreciate flowers, watch the landscape or traffic outside the balcony or traffic flow. It is a different kind of enjoyment.


▲ Single sofas on the leisure balcony are also interesting to make a hanging chair.

⑥ audiovisual room

In some villas or large flats, the family may also install a audio and video room. In the audio and video room, you can put on a single single sofa chair with higher comfortable comfort. In this way Feeling uncomfortable.

▲ Single sofa in the audio and video room, the design is reasonable, and the sedentary will not be tired for a long time.


⑦The corner

If there are some places in the home, such as the aisle and the corner, you can also set up a single sofa in it and use the corner space to create a small space for yourself to relax and read.

▲ The aisle space is not easy to use, and the casual sofa is good, creating a corner of reading leisure.


Single sofa is a comfortable seat. If there is a suitable place at home, put on a piece, it will bring a casual and comfortable seat. Will you consider putting a single sofa at home?

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