Chongqing Internet Radio and Television reporter Tang Jie


Have you heard of a conjoined baby, but have you heard of a company pig? Yesterday (December 5), the sow of a villager’s house in Shayu Town, Hechuan gave birth to a “conjoined pig”.

At more than 5 o’clock in the afternoon, a sow raised by Jiang’s mother -in -law’s house in Shuangbao Village, Shayu Town, Hechuan, was given birth to a sow at home, and then she gave birth to more than 10 piglets. What surprised her was that there were two little pig’s belly tightly “hug “One by one.” “It is strange that the pigs who have raised for decades have never seen such a conjoined pig.” Mother -in -law Jiang said.


Mother -in -law Jiang said that there was only one head and two ears in this “conjoined pig”, but there were two bodies, eight legs, connected from the chest above the chest to share a umbilical cord. Unfortunately, they died shortly after birth.

The reporter consulted Pan Xiao, the webmaster of Hechuan Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Station. She said that pigs are multiple animals, and sows may be separated by a conjoined piglet. The situation is relatively rare, and the survival rate of conjoined pigs is also low.


(Hechuan Tai Tangjie)

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