The newspaper (Reporter Wei Fang) The “Zhao Wuji Chinese Lecture Record” published by the Chinese Book Company was launched in Beijing on January 7.This book is a record of teaching notes in the painting class of the Chinese artist Zhao Wou -Ki in May 1985 at Zhejiang Academy of Fine Arts.It fully reflects the artistic literacy of a generation of masters.

The book also tells the influence of Zhao Wou -ki on the members of the lecturer and Chinese painters at the time, reflecting the inheritance and extensive and far -reaching influence of Zhao Wou -ki on art.Sun Jianping, the author of this book, is a professor of Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts, a famous oil painter, and a student of Zhao Wuji painting class in Zhejiang Academy of Fine Arts in 1985.The industry believes that Zhao Wou -ki’s words and teaching have made the art world re -recognize the importance of Chinese traditions and return to the image of the east and the inner spirit.

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