Unconsciously, it is still in early May, and the fashionable and essentials will start their own performance again. The skirt full of girly feels is always very popular, and you can always maintain your youthful vitality at all times. In addition to the conventional black and white gray, the girl’s skirt can also choose colorful colors. Not only is the color rich, but the mood will be better!

The doll found a group of beautiful girl skirts, and there were comic matching pictures on the side. Looking at the wearing pictures of the younger sister, I was looking forward to what the skirt was like. I don’t know if you would. After reading it, I know my salary this month is gone.

Look1; T -shirt+skirt


The medium and long models of self -cultivation have the effect of modifying the figure. Even if the fat girls wear it, it will not make people feel awkward. The characters on the clothes were printed to release a strong British atmosphere.


Look2; T -shirt+cake skirt


The classic letter pattern continues the sense of fashion, and it looks personalized. Add the embellishment of the wooden ear and lace lace, set off a playful and pleasant atmosphere, adding a rich sense of layering. The high -waisted skirt is blessed into the blessing of the wave dot element, adding a romantic atmosphere, and wearing a sweet girly sense.

Look3; T -shirt+zipper skirt

The body is a classic wave dot element, which changes the fashion pattern full of rhythmic sense, and the whole T -shirt is installed wonderful and natural. The classic medium and long models have a good decoration of the body proportion, showing the slender and sexy legs, which is a must -have skirt for eye -catching.


Look4; T -shirt stitching skirt

A cute cat wearing glasses injects a cute feeling into the shape and shows the playful fun. The loose version has a good modification of the body, covering the flesh and thinness, and the waist design, it is more slender and upright.


Look5; T -shirt+mesh cake skirt

The skirt set with self -age reduction and concave shape brings a bright effect, full of modern atmosphere. With a portable bag, it sets off the feelings of intellectual style.


Look6; T -shirt+irregular skirt

The pale pink adjustment is used as the background color of the body, and the round neck design with high street trends interprets a atmospheric style. The tailoring of the A -line skirt hit the decorated with the color stripes, showing the smart and elegant side.


Look7; T -shirt off -the -shoulder skirt

The off -shoulder design caters to the hot dress in summer, highlighting the beautiful girl’s sense of girly. The decoration of lace -up waist creates a charming small waist and asymmetric skirt, so that you can easily wear long legs.


Look8; off -the -shoulder long sleeves+net yarn cake skirt

Bows on both sides of the arm are set, and the embellishment design also releases a sweet and lovely feeling. The lower body is paired with a white mesh skirt with a light and elegant texture with a bit of beautiful style.

Look9; T -shirt+mesh puff skirt

Refreshing blue color, stepping on a pair of high -heeled high -heeled shoes, showing a light and luxurious atmosphere. Turn into a faint nude makeup and a small earrings in combination.


Look 10; wave dot curl long sleeves+lace A -line skirt

The design in the ear is particularly sunny, with a bit of soft temperament, which perfectly interprets the sweet and playful girly atmosphere. The embellishment design of the wave point interprets the freshness.

Look 11; Perspective off -the -shoulder shirt+mesh cake skirt


The splicing of the mesh is particularly eye -catching, full of dreamy and hazy beauty. In the looming, it shows the sexy temptation of silk. The classic medium and long models have a good decoration of the body proportion, showing the slender and sexy legs, which is a must -have skirt for eye -catching


Look12; T -shirt+denim skirt

Cartoon T -shirt with high -waisted high -waisted shorts, showing a beautiful girl feelings. Add the design of the hole -breaking elements and asymmetric, inject the atmosphere of avant -garde stretching, and easily reaches the modern aura.

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