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In the third consecutive game, Dortmund won with a weak advantage of 1 goal. However, compared to the past two rounds of the league (3 to 2 at home to kill Hoffenheim and reverse Levusen 4 to 3 away), Dortmund won the most easier to the Besictas Champions League group stage. Score more goals and realize the first zero seal of the team in the same level. Unfortunately, in the 4th minute of the timeout, Dortmund was still used by the home team to use the frontcourt free kick opportunity to assists Prianch in Spain Monto Montero’s header and fixed the score at 1 to 2.


After Belinsham assisted Haland, the two super new stars hit their chests.


This victory has also continued to take effect on the law of “as long as Harland scores Dort”. Before the end of the first half, Harrand easily pushed into the net in front of the door and expanded the score to 2-0. But the greater credit of this ball obviously belongs to the assisted Belinsham. And the number one hero who wins in this field is not Harrand, but a bell that shots.

The youngest in the Champions League scorers

After experiencing a fierce battle with Leverkuson, Luo Ze just rotated a small rotation: Hummels, who was wounded, finally welcomed the first start of the season, and the new aid Pomirachich sat on the bench; the Belgian veteran Witzer Run Reta , Dutch striker Mallen re -start. As a result, the position of the middle and frontcourt was adjusted accordingly. Da Hud returned to the back of the diamond -shaped midfielder. Brant lived on the left and Royce kicked the position 10. Although Mallen partnered with Harland’s partner, the event area is concentrated on the left, and Royce and Brandte will use more to attack the middle area and form a 442 diamond -shaped midfielder with asymmetric 442.


This adjustment did not affect the position of Belinsham, and he still ran right in the diamond -shaped midfield. After playing for 20 minutes, Dortmund passed down in the midfield slowly, and Vodafone Park booed. Da Hud suddenly sent a accurate oblique long pass near the middle circle. Sonier inserted it on the right and did not wait for the ball to land directly on the right side of the penalty area. Belinsham was inserted in time. Remove the ball, then shoot the goalkeeper Destanto Lu’s “small door” to the net at a small angle of the right foot at 6 meters, 1-0!

After the first record, Belinsham set two the youngest goals of the UEFA Champions League.

This is the second time Belinbeum, who is only 18 years old, scored in the Champions League for the second time. His Champions League balls were 1 to 2 last season of the 1/4 final round of Manchester City last season. In fact, with the first round of Manchester City, Beckham scored a goal, but the Romanian referee Hashigan immediately whistled after his steal goalkeeper Edson, which made him scored a goal of the empty goal. There is no chance of turning the case, which has also become a huge controversy and turning point in that game. In the end, Dortmund lost 1 to 2 in two rounds, and Belinham’s goal of the second round also became the team’s last goal in the Champions League last season. After 5 months, when Dortmund stepped on the Champions League,

Beckham, who was 18 -year -old and 78 days, took the lead in scoring, becoming the youngest continuous goal player in the history of this event. It was a week younger than the original record holder Mbappe. At the same time, it became the youngest away in the history of the Champions League Retiners.


Such a wonderful goal makes the starting scene slightly passive and almost almost entering the state of Dortmund, which was broken by the old general Bashuya. Unfortunately, Harland and Royce subsequently spit out cakes, missing the opportunity to open the difference in a short time. Since his teammates are not powerful enough, Belinham has decided to come forward again. Before the end of the halftime, he took the left side of the left side of Grairo, wiped Veolin Tong wonderfully on the left side of the penalty area, and then broke through the bottom line to the edge of the small penalty area gently. This time, Harland did not waste the opportunity to face half of the door again. He easily pushed his left foot and pushed into the net. He won the goal of the 9th club of this season. After the game, Harland praised the little brother: “He is 3 years younger than me, crazy. He is incredible!”

18 -year -old Belinsham was selected as the best in the field.

In the first half, this shot had fully demonstrated Belinham’s delicate foot skills. Today’s world football is full of high -body, excellent running and coverage capabilities, and well -transmitted all -around midfielders, but it is rare Essence A more chic scene was staged in the second half: in the 67th minute, he took the Harland to take the ball into the center of the penalty area, and then used the same actions of Weilintong in the first half to continue Montelot and Rosier. At this time, there were three teammates including Harland and Royce on the left side, and there was only goalkeeper Distanion in front of him. If he is more calm, he can gently stuff the front to the front to let Royce hit the door. But maybe it was because of the rise of killing, or to avoid being destroyed by Sosa, who was quickly replenished, Beckham decided to hit the door with his left foot. As a result, he was resolved by the goalkeeper to waste the opportunity to kill the game in advance.

Just after the shot was blocked, Dortmund was immediately hit. Fortunately, Cobel rejected Bashaya again in one -to -one case. Seeing Besic Tas, Luo Ze changed three people in one breath in the 70th minute. Among them, Belinham was replaced by Marius Wolf, which ended this night’s wonderful performance. After the game, Belinsham was elected as the best player. The Romanian Romanian Romania, a Romanian Observer, said: “He scored a beautiful goal, and the second goal contributed a super assists, and he worked very hard at both ends of the offensive and defensive.”

7 games have been made in 7 games in the new season


Last season, the first -time Belinsham’s various events Dortmund played 46 times, of which 33 were launched, only 4 goals and 4 assists. So far this season, he has launched continuously in seven official games, and has contributed two goals and 3 assists. He directly participated in 5 goals second only to Harland in the team, and the aggressiveness has improved significantly. Before against Beccitas, Belinsham also had another 1 shot and 1 pass. It was the third round of the league at home to Hoffenheim. Reward to 2: 1.

Luo Ze’s play released Belinham’s desire to attack.

In fact, Beckham’s threat to the goal is greater than the data shows. For example, in the second round of the league, the second round was lost to Freiburg, and he threatened the opponent’s goal three times. First, it was a wonderful breakthrough in the center of the penalty area. In the column, the end of the door forced the personal defensive Kettel to swallow Oolong, and these were unable to reflect the data. Another example is 4 to 3 reversing Leverkusen’s World War I. Beckham once responded to Harland’s header, and the pilot was inserted into the penalty area of ​​the penalty area. Unfortunately The goal was finally blown away by VAR.

Belins’s aggressive improvement has nothing to do with Luo Ze’s more aggressive and fast kick. Especially in this Champions League, Besictas also played very hard, making the scene very open. After the game, Babei even said: “You come and go,” Both sides come and go, a bit like a basketball game. “In fact, Luo Ze didn’t want the game to be too open, especially after the first half of the game was established. So after the midfielder rest, he replaced Brant with the defensive Vitsel, and changed the 442 double back waist. Isis pushed to the front line.

Hummels, who first launched this season, strives to defend Bashaya.

After changing Belinsham, Luo Ze changed again, and Wolf, who replaced Beckham, took the mission of Defense Besic Tascara’s mission, and often changed into defense. To become a right -back, Dortmund actually became a five -back formation. Before the end, the light -edge Feng Chiev replaced Harland, and Wolf changed to the left to defend again. Kaisov was responsible for the right, and Muko, who appeared in the bench, became a single arrow. It was through this series of adjustments to defensive, Dortmund kept his innocent body until the stoppage time, but unfortunately lost a positioning ball.

Every game that Domont has participated in the season to the present will produce at least 3 goals. This is of course a good thing for neutral fans. However, for Dortmund, which has high ambitions, it is not necessarily a good way to score more goals than opponents. Fortunately, with the return of Hummels, Dortmund’s post -defense was finally relatively neat. The newly joined Pomirachic also entered the role quickly, which can make Luo Ze more confident in the rotation of the two positions of Zhongwei and right gate.

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