“Dumb House 5” Xuancai Yangjiang Publishing House


Shuxiang Yangcheng

Guangzhou Daily (Reporter Wu Bo) A few days ago, the famous youth best -selling novel writer Xuan Se, the new book “Dumb House 5”, opened the first stop of the global signing of the world. The signing event was led by Zhiyin Animation. From Guangzhou as the starting point, it was signed for sale in Beijing, Chongqing, and Wuhan. Finally, it ended perfectly in Malaysia.

Not long ago, Xuan Se, the fourth time I was a list of rich Chinese writers, and became the youngest shortlisted by TOP10 with a 11 million yuan version tax. Born in 1985, she is the highest -selling number of best -selling books in China. His masterpiece “Dumb House” has been serialized in “Romanian · Novel Painting” under the “Painting” of Knowledge Animation since 2011. Four volumes published and published, single sales have exceeded one million yuan, and were selected as nominated for the 2014 “Volkswagen Favorite Books” selected by the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television.

In recent years, with the rise of “IP fever”, Internet giants such as BAT and sky -high capital have poured into the film and television industry. In 2015, it was also called the “IP first year” by industry insiders. Many popular dramas such as “Why Sheng Xiao Mu”, “Flower Thousand Bone”, “Biography of the Moon” are born from literary works. One after another well -known IP was sold for sky -high prices, and the demand for content in the entire industry also continued to explode, and the market’s snatch on popular IP became more and more fierce. The “Dumb House” series published by Xuan color is identified by professional institutions as super popular IPs with great development potential.

“Dumb House” tells the story that happened in the antique shop. Each antiquity condenses the hard work of the craftsman and carries unique history and stories. Xuan color creates an ancient and mysterious unknown world with text, which is thick and strong, and the charm flows. Due to the special themes, refreshing and close to the current style of teenagers, it has been supported by the majority of young readers all year round.

The data shows that the age of mysterious readers is concentrated in the youth group, most of which are women, and this group of people are currently consumer groups with high consumption power and are willing to pay for cultural products such as film and television, literature and other cultural products. Easy to transform core audience. In the IP value list of traditional Chinese publications, “Dumb House” ranked second, with a potential index of 9.25 (10 points in full scores), second only to Liu Cixin’s “Three Body”.

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