#Look at the world in the headline#

Inadvertently brushed the video of Japanese elementary school students, some feelings -a little divergent, just help:

The image of primary school students in Japan, I do n’t know when it starts, there are probably some symbols in our hearts:


There are rules (remember how to unify the content after the meal?);

And don’t be afraid of cold (in the case of winter girls ‘school uniforms are skirts, belong to students’ personal love, or social unified training?);

In the comment area behind this kind of content, there will always be some saying: This is a plan …

Not much extension, although these immediately reminded me of the practice of popularizing military management in schools in the school before the 20th century …

As a natural disaster, the amplifier island country, which has allowed the people to receive emergency training for disaster should be a symbol of impression.

I want to say that this is just a symbol of impression, and in them, it is a deep -penetrating, no need for compulsory self -compulsory skills training.

This difference is really big.

Just as we (not to mention children, most adults, have you studied or even noticed those most basic emergency and risk aversion common sense and skills). How to save yourself when driving and entering the water … It is difficult to say what this “unclear” means.

Because danger is around.

Is the response correct or not?

When the danger is coming, how important is “your reaction correctly”?

At the end of 2019, Star Gao Yixiang died suddenly on a variety show.

In the past few minutes, no one responded correctly.

Until someone was on the big screen of the live broadcast, it was found that Gao Yixiang’s pupils were scattered. The best rescue time has passed.

Compared with the unfortunate Gao Yixiang, another man who also suffered a sudden myocardial infarction in exercise was lucky to be rescued.

The man was playing badminton at the time. The moment he fell because of his heart’s arrest, the life -saving angel descended from the sky -another group of people in the venue who was also playing badminton was actually from the doctors from Xiehe Hospital. They were praised by netizens as “ultra -luxury rescue lineup”.

Doctors can of course respond to such emergencies.

The man across his “life”!

For Dr. Xiehe, the “correct response” comes from the mastery of medical knowledge, emergency knowledge, and long -term accumulated treatment practice.

The danger around us is everywhere. Mastering some knowledge about danger will undoubtedly help us make a “correct reaction” when encountering sudden dangers.

193 people who were taken away by “Fire Break”

Because of failure to master knowledge, how many events have happened when the danger is not allowed to make a “correct reaction”?

I used to interview the “National Key Laboratory of Fire Sciences”, and witnessed a fire phenomenon simulated by scientists -fire vagina.

Today’s fire scientists have regarded “fire blasting” as a special fire, belonging to the scientific phenomenon.

However, just more than thirty years ago, people did not think that fire was scientific and worthy of rational research.

At that time, the people who faced the fire also had a sense of fire protection -experienced fire awareness.

Professor Zhang Heping, director of the laboratory, said directly that it was because of that understanding that the fire was not only a natural disaster, but also human disasters.

What he said was the worst forest fire in 1987, the most serious forest fire since the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the Great Forest Fire in Daxinganling.

What the word “Extraordinary” was crowned by that disaster was “fire blasting”.

On May 6, 1987, Daxing Anling discovered a few fires.

People start to fight the fire normally -fluttering the fire.

The fire work lasted for a day and one night. People were relieved and saw that Lin Huo was basically controlled.

The next day, people were looking for sporadic fire. No one thought that a huge fire head rolled up from a fire field and began to spin in the air. In just a few hours, it spread to one million hectares of land.

It turned out that the fireproof isolation zone dug in the forest has no effect.

The fire has been burning for 20 days, 193 people died, and 211 were injured.

“Do they not understand!”

Lei Qiao, a laboratory, recalled the history of the fire.

He said that everyone was very strange. Why did they think that they had a good understanding of the fire, but they had a completely beyond imagination?

Why did the original forest fireproof isolation zone completely used at all?

Lei Qiao said that because the people at the time had not yet had a scientific understanding of the “firewife”, they didn’t understand it!

In the natural world, the fire that is not controlled in nature has many characteristics and can cause many special phenomena.

Wang Xishi, a laboratory scientist who replaced the safety equipment, ignited the simulation of “fire wind” at the fire voyal test field. Watching and learning together is a group of real firefighters.


The simulated fire wind isolated from layers looks amazing and beautiful.

Professor Wang Xishi explained the mechanism of fire winds–

“There are highlands and depressions in the forest, and such a terrain is easy to form a rotating airflow. The burning fire has a hot and buoyant driver upward airflow. If there is such a circular existence around it, the fire will form a fire;”

“The fire rotate generates thermal airflow, and the surrounding air continues to supplement. A circular flow will become more and more intense, just like a tornado composed of fire;”


“The flames of the fire rookies, like a fire, throwing out a few kilometers away, causing the fire points in all directions;”

“It rotates while rotating, burning, and moving quickly, and some fire wind can even roll up the entire house;”

“It is not an ordinary fire, it is a fire. In front of the fire, the isolation belt is dug widely. What is the use?”

“This is the same. It was unprecedented in the Daxing’an Ridge, which shocked the entire China at that time!”

The truth of the “911” dead

Knowledge reserve can allow you to make “correct reactions”;


And when danger is coming and rational is occupied by fear, how can you ensure that you can quickly retrieve the rationality and make “correct reactions” in time?

Take a look at the stories of those who successfully escaped from the Twin Tower in the 911 incident.


Some people recall that they seem to be just following the feeling;

Some people are glad that they have made the right judgment at the time- “Our window is intact, and there is no fireworks at the beginning. However, the 12 people present immediately knew that they would leave here.”

The story of Safety Manager Ruis Curle was told by others, because he died in the end.


Those who can tell Ruili’s story with gratitude, have nearly 2,700.

Because Rui Siwa formulated a personnel evacuation plan and led everyone regularly before the danger came; when the danger occurred, he quickly made a “correct response”, led the 2700 people team, and escaped the building in time to escape the building in time. Essence

When Ruisekol eventually returned to the building to count the remaining personnel, he was killed and killed in the collapse of the South Tower.

Knowledge reserves, prevent prevention in advance, and use exercise to ensure that the “correct response” can come quickly and proficient. It is a useful message left by Rui Siile to people.

Learn to control fear and face danger!

Those who have experienced a sudden dangerous situation will clearly remember the panic and blank mind at the time.

Many psychologists try to help people find ways to control fear and face danger.

Professor Glen Spax in the United States believes that watching horror movies may be good for some people-

There is a psychotherapy called “system desensitization”, which is similar to watching horror movies -it is frequent in anxiety and fear that is frequently exposed, realizing “desensitization” –

Have you ever experienced, heard, or imagined what dangers have you ever been?

What dangers have you already perceived rational and scientific cognition?

What do you want to learn what about dangerous knowledge, and which skills to escape danger?

When you want to learn, if you want to learn, you can really learn it.

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