I do n’t drive the lights at night. To put it plainly, I ’m not habitual. I’ m not having a good driving habit, or I forget to turn on the lights, or I do n’t think it is necessary to turn on the lights.

Some friends asked: Do they see clearly without turning on the lights at night? Don’t you think the car is dark?

This is actually like you do n’t turn on the lights in the middle of the night or do n’t delay your mobile phone. It ’s not necessarily dark without driving lights.

Why do people do not drive the lights


The eyes are adapted to dark, the street lights are on, and you can see clearly without turning on the lights

Xin Desheng and others published the paper on the journal “Optical Technology”, “Research on the Driver’s Dark Adaptive Tester”.

As mentioned above: When people stay in the dark room for a while before entering the dark room, the visual perception gradually improves from low. This process is called the “dark adaptive process”.

Just like when turning off the lights, I couldn’t see anything at first, but after a while, even if the light was not turned on, I could basically distinguish the rough things or outlines in the house.

Moreover, the lighting effects in the city’s street lights are okay. If you do not drive the lights, the outside is also brighter.


Like CJJ 45-2015 “Urban Road Lighting Design Standards” stipulated above: the average illumination of the main road and the expressway is 20 or 30LX;

How bright? Refer to GB 50034-2013 “Standards for Architecture Lighting Design”: The illumination of the floor of the hotel room corridor is 50LX.

In other words, the lighting of the street lights is similar to the brightness of the hotel corridor. Although it is incomparable with the brightness during the day, it can still be roughly seen clearly.

The new car instrument panel has backlight, which will make people forget that driving lights

In addition, the backlight of the instrument panel will also make people forget that driving lights, especially new cars.

In the past, many old cars had no light without driving the light instrument panel, so it was black there, such as: Chevrolet Saio from 2010 to 2013.

In the evening, the instrument was dark, and even a few yards could not be seen clearly. It just reminded us that “hey” we turn on a light, otherwise, we don’t know a few yards.

But now many new cars, these instruments of the new car, have backlight without opening the lights. It can be seen clearly when it is dark. It has no reminder effect.

Coupled with the street lights outside, it is also possible to forget to turn on the lights.

How dangerous is it not to drive at night


If you occasionally forget 1 or 2 lights, the problem is not big, but it is actually very dangerous if you forget to turn on.

Weng Ji and others published the paper on the Journal of Lighting Engineering, “Research on the Urban Road Lighting Visibility”.


As mentioned above: From 18:00 to 21, it is 6:00 to 9:00 in the afternoon. The average number of traffic deaths per hour across the country is 1.3 times that of other time periods.

The important reason for the accident is that the visibility of night road lighting is much worse than during the day.

You don’t drive the lights yourself, but you can see the outside, but others may not see you without opening the lights.

Moreover, the traffic police were seen by the traffic police, which may be deducted for fines.


The “road traffic safety violations, code and punishment score standards” stipulated above: Do not use lights in accordance with regulations, deduct 1 point or 100 yuan for fines.

What should I do if I always forget to turn on the lights

For the problem of forgetting to turn on the lights, there are actually ways to avoid it. I will share a few for everyone to learn about it.


Develop the habit of inspection by car

The first is: to develop the habit of checking the lights, similar to the driving school teaching, before driving, turn on the lights, walk around the car, and see if the lights and tires are made. of.

There is a kitten and puppy on the side of the car, we can all pay attention to it.

Open the light with other cars


If it is not convenient to look around the car, we can also observe the other cars on the road. When you look at others to drive the lights, you should pay attention to see if your instrument panel is driven.

It’s as if you look out the window before you go out, everyone holds the umbrella, then you bring it, right?

Automatic mode of turning on headlights

In addition to the two methods just mentioned, we can also use the automatic mode of the headlights. Now many 10,000 domestic cars are equipped with automatic headlights. Under the “auto gear”, you don’t need to care about it. Essence

Li Xin and others published the paper on the journal “Automobile Practical Technology”. The “Light Sensor Research on the Application Case of Automatic Headership” said that the vehicle will use the light sensor to detect the brightness of the light.

When it is dark, it turns on the light, and it turns off the light at dawn, just like the mobile phone automatically adjusts the screen brightness. This technology is not particularly difficult, it can be done.

Modify a set of “automatic headlights”

If there is no automatic headlight, you can also consider modifying a “automatic headlight”.

In fact, it is not to replace the entire headlight, but to change the small switch with light sensors. The Internet is cheap, and 1 or 200 yuan can be bought.

However, I do n’t have to sell this thing at home now. Friends who want to buy can search for it.

I have made a video called “How to upgrade the automatic headlight by myself and make the low match turn high”.


I bought two types of automatic headlights and made a real test. I also took a installation tutorial. Interested friends could take a look.

Driving at night does not turn on the lights, it is mainly used to not get used to bad habits

All in all, someone does not turn on the lights at night, mainly because the habits are not good. In addition, the street lights and dashboards are full of light enough to make us illustrate, thinking that we are driving and it is easy to forget.

It is not difficult to avoid it. Check the lights in advance, or when you drive on the road, look at others to drive, and subconsciously dial and open it. “Oh” is already on.

Of course, the simplest, automatic headlights, this is a question of “money”.

Do you want to upgrade the headlights with halogen lamps?

When it comes to car lights, many friends think that the original halogen bulbs are not bright enough, and they want to change it to a shy.

Just change a bulb? Still like some master said, “You are cut off by this light, the lamp bowl, the lampshade …” What is it? Is there any safety hazard? Is it easy to use? How long can it be used?

I don’t want to go back in this thing, I want to take a picture of the high beam, and it is almost blinded by it. In the case of legal compliance, how can we fight against the people?

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I want to know these simple, pay attention to “spare tires”, and reply to the keyword “car light”.


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