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Economic development and the continuous improvement of the quality of life of residents, people pay more attention to health, and they are more particular about diet. Even the edible oils used for frying and fried are divided into three, six nine. The edible oil with “high oxic acid” as the selling point has become a new trend of consumption in the edible oil market. Mountain tea oil is leading this “edible oil consumption upgrade” new wave.


High oil acid, healthy quality life new choice


As an important part of a healthy diet, edible oil is closely related to our lives, and high -oil acid tea oil provides a new standard and new choice for healthy quality of life. Olic acid is called “safety fatty acid”, which has a variety of effects such as high oxidation stability, lowering cholesterol, and lowering blood lipids. Therefore, the higher the oleic acid content, the better the product quality. Qiyun Mountain’s high -Chunshan tea oil is a typical “high oleic acid, light fat” edible oil. Its oil acid content is as high as 78%, and the human body’s absorption rate is as high as 97%. Long -term consumption can make the body lasting “no ‘belly’ burden, good figure”.


Positioning high -end, focusing on health, gifts from relatives and friends

The Spring Festival is the most important and most important festival in all traditional festivals in China. In this reunion day, walking and visiting friends, sending festive gifts for each other is essential.

In the previous holiday gift list, tobacco and alcohol are necessary. With the enhancement of health awareness, tobacco and alcohol have gradually become standard. The high -end positioning, the main healthy Qiyun Mountain Gaocunshan tea oil, has become a good product for gifts.

Mountain tea oil, unique to China, inherited for more than 2,300 years, after the autumn, winter spring, summer, autumn, five seasons of 13 months nourishing, the heavens and the earth are surrounded by naturally breeding, and the most important essence has achieved the most extreme. The cigarettes with up to 232 ° C can perfectly solve the troubles of oil fume in the kitchen, which greatly reduces the hazards caused by oil fume. How can they not love for the Chinese who like to fry and fry the fire?


Qi Yunshan, leading the high -end brand of Chinese tea oil


Jiangxi Qiyunshan Camellia Camellia Technology Co., Ltd., domestic tea oil deep processing leading enterprise. The company invests in more than 100 million yuan to engage in oil tea planting, processing, scientific research, and product deep processing. It introduces the world’s advanced oil -cold pressure, refined technology technology and equipment, and specializes in the production of high -purity mountain tea oil. The products have won “green food” and “organic food “Gannan Camellia Camellia (National Geographical Sign Protection Product)” and other national authoritative certifications are loved by consumers and are exported to abroad.

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