Ice wine is known as liquid gold. Due to its extremely low output and excellent quality, it has been strongly sought after by sweet wine enthusiasts. Ice wine is not brewing around the world. Only countries with extremely cold climate can be brewed, which looks particularly precious.

The world’s well -known countries in the world, probably only

Germany, Austria




Essence And now, there is an extra production area, that is


Changbai Mountain in China


Changbai Mountain is the northernmost latitude of China. The climate here is extremely cold, at the same time, the altitude is high, and the sunshine time is relatively long. It is very suitable for the planting of grapes and the brewing of ice wine.

Of course, not all grapes are suitable for Changbai Mountain with an average temperature of -7 degrees Celsius. Generally, only Felizhu, Ray, Vendal, and some local mountain grapes can grow smoothly. Weidal grapes.


Weidal, English named Vidal, belongs to white grapes. Vendal is mature and slow, stable, thick, and more easy to reproduce and rich in juice. It is very suitable for the brewing of expensive rot or ice wine. Weidal grapes have strong cold resistance and strong disease resistance. They can still be proud of the wind in the cold Changbai Mountain, reproduce, and use it to make the grapes with high sweetness and relatively low acidity. There are often pineapple, mango, apricot and peaches, and Sweet aroma such as honey.

In Changbai Mountain’s excellent and cold environment, grapes do not need to fertilize or use pesticides. The temperature of extremely cold makes the diseases such as mold unable to survive, so as to make high -quality and pure Changbai Mountain ice wine.

This ice wine V3 comes from the top production area of ​​China Ice Wine, Jilin. Changbai Mountain,

Every winter, we will artificially squeeze the natural frosty Verdor grapes,

Pure natural Weidal grapes are originally brewed; no drop of water; without a grain of sugar, all sugar sources are derived from the grape itself.

The proud gesture, noble temperament, golden wine liquid reveals it, showing an unspeakable charm. The fine bottle body, the face value is stable, it can be described as the beauty of the wine, it is really good -looking! Intersection Intersection

When you open it, you can smell the aroma of citrus, honey, and apricot. It seems to smell the romantic taste of spring, pour a small cup, drink a sip, the acidity and sweetness are beautifully balanced, and you are in the mouth. The amount of alcohol is only 12 °, which is completely sweet. Remember to drink it after refrigerating, so that the taste is the best ~

If you don’t like a friend who feels dried with red wine, then this emperor


Ice red

H1 is your first choice. This wine is a new variety suitable for brewing ice wine cultivated by the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences. The northern ice grape is brewed. The real Chinese flavor, the ice wine itself is rare. The rare horn in ice wine.

We artificially pick up the natural frozen ice grapes in winter, squeezed and fermented, and naturally squeezed without blending, retaining the original grape fruit fragrance and nutrients in the grapes. Fresh flower aroma and almond aroma.

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