Soap is a common daily washing product in life. Many people do not know what soap when they buy. Today I will tell you the top ten soap brands in China and make further analysis. Many beautiful women pay attention to the flavor of soap. We Today, which soap is also fragrant and easy to use? Intersection


China’s top ten soap brands?

1. Comfortable (United States)

Shu Shengjia is a product of Procter & Gamble in the United States. It is neither Shanghai’s domestic chemical nor Shanghai’s domestic chemical production. The soap brand in Shanghai is the six gods. It is early to enter the Chinese market. It is deeply rooted in people’s hearts. In addition, its sterilization effect is recognized by many people. With comfortable soap, it can clean the microorganisms on the surface of the skin, effectively remove and suppress bacteria that may cause skin infection and sweat odor.

2. Lux (United States)

As a well -known brand in the world, Lux has always been deeply rooted in the hearts of excellent quality and unique star temperament. As one of the earliest international brands to enter China, its products include hair washing products, personal bathing series, and skin -skinned soap. China has more than 100 million households using Lux products. Lux is the first beauty soap produced by the United States. Because of this status, it has been sold to more than 100 countries around the world. It has a large share in the soap market. After entering the Chinese market, it has launched bathing products such as shower gel. With a unique formula and skin care concept, it is deeply rooted in people’s hearts.


3. Dove (United States)

Doffen, absolute reputation is good, but it is best to be imported. The obvious selling in China is not a grade abroad, but it is more than Luxi. Emulsion can also be painted! Doffen has always used skin care technology as a skin care entry. It is known as the true beauty of every woman. It has a lot of nourishing skin series. After washing, it has the effect of nourishing the skin. Many men prefer Difen’s soap.

4. Shanghai medicine soap (domestic)

Shanghai medicine soap is a national first -class enterprise. It has many brands, such as Meijiajing, Seagull, and solid. The product, in the SARS in 2002, remember to use this soap to wash his hands through the difficulty.


5. Long Lichi (Domestic)

Seeing Longlica, everyone may think of mosquito repellent water. Yes, Long Lichi is indeed very strong in this regard, but it also produces soap. It mainly has mosquito repellent effects. Although it is a private enterprise, the daily production line is relatively large in China. There are many scientific researchers, and their strength cannot be ignored.

6. Man Ting (domestic)

The “Man Ting” brand is its own brand owned by Jiuxin Group. It was founded in 2002. It is an old brand in the field of mite removal in China and contributed to the development of domestic mite removal products. With a unique formula and plant inhibitoryin opened the market, it is known that it can remove mites on the surface of human skin and is famous for the world. It has strongly opened the curtain of the daily market. The bacteria on the surface can also make the skin shiny.

7. Weili (domestic)

The Wei Lusi brand belongs to Welai (Guangzhou) Daily Products Co., Ltd. The Welai (Guangzhou) Daily Products Co., Ltd. was established in 2000 and is headquartered in Guangzhou. The main products are: disinfection (such as disinfectant, bacterial deodorization, etc.), hard surface categories (such as kitchen oil removal, floor net, etc.), clothing and care (such as laundry fluid, soft agent, etc.) Such as shower gel, shampoo, etc.), women and infants (such as baby laundry liquid) and so on. Weili uses the cleaning of the kitchen bathroom as the opening of the market. The production of washing products produced is quite powerful. The effect of removing oil fume is great. Xiaobian has been using it. Combined together, it was recognized by the Ministry of Health.

8. Na Eris (domestic)

Na Eris is Nice’s Chinese transliteration, which means “beautiful”. The products that indicate that Na Eris wants to produce beautiful quality is dedicated to the people of the world, and I wish the people in the world a good and happy! In order to meet the needs of the situation at home and abroad and the need to build a harmonious socialist society, the group has always adhered to the corporate management purpose of “only to improve your quality of life”, and in order to make Na Eris into the direction of “transformation, breakthrough, and upgrade” World -class enterprises work hard. The major supermarkets of soap, laundry fluid, and laundry powder can be seen. Their daily washing products of their homes have the highest sales in the same industry in the same industry in the country. It can be called a leading enterprise in the national washing industry.


9. Yu Meijing (domestic)

When it comes to Yu Meijing, they will think of baby cream. How many people have grown up with Yu Meijing’s baby cream when they were young. Many technologies in Yu Meijing are in line with international standards. The production technology in China is also one of the best. A very old -fashioned brand, many products are well known.

10. Pochio (domestic)

The brand of the beauty salon is a professional line brand. In the first two or two years, it opens the market with “weak acid soap” with “weak acid soap” and quickly opens the situation in the professional line market of beauty people. Acid soap, pure plant extraction formula, experience super well, kill most of the traditional alkaline soap on the market as soon as it is launched, let everyone slowly understand how the professional line is skin care. The surface of the skin is originally a weak acidic environment. Most of the soaps on the market are alkaline soap, which is highly cleaned. If it is used for a long time, it will destroy the skin barrier on the skin surface. Only with weakly acidic soap can maintain the skin surface environment and make the skin the greatest protection. The original professional line products do have a certain strength, and I have to admire the strength of this brand.

What brand of soap is fragrant and easy to use?

When it comes to the scent of soap, it is mainly divided into the flower fragrance of several pure plants, the fragrance of animal oil, the synthetic flavor, and the pure chemical flavor. It smells very pungent. It is best to ask which brand of soap. This question is the topic of the benevolent and the wise. Everyone’s taste and preference are different. See what type of fragrance personally likes. We only make a simple explanation today for your reference.

The types of soaps of floral fragrances are: comfortable, Lux, Dove, Yumeijing, and Naisus are all flower -type soap. Friends who like flower fragrance can start, especially the fragrance of Lux is lasting.

The types of soap types of medicine are: Longliqi, Man Ting, Weili, and Shanghai Medicine soap belong to the medicine incense. Some people are not used to the taste of these soaps, but some sub -healthy people will particularly like this taste, which may be with it. Some kinds of lack of nutrients in the body echo the nutritional ingredients, and the body is scarce, so send a signal to allow your body to absorb the fragrance of such ingredients to get some supplement.

Ginseng -type soap: Naito Ao Xiaopei is the most special fragrance I have ever heard. A ginseng flavor is the kind of well -smelled. Although it smells very fragrant, it is mixed with a pungent taste, and the rich floral fragrance cannot cover the taste of the chemical additive. Because of the all -pure plant formula and there is no trace of chemical taste, the kind of Korean black ginseng smells particularly well, and the fragrance is lasting, which has a very high -quality fragrance.

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