There is a tea in my country, which is the only tea named Chairman Mao.

Duyong, also known as “fish hook tea” and “sparrow tongue tea”, is a snail -shaped green green tea. It was a royal tribute in the Ming and Qing Dynasties.

评测 | 毛主席唯一命名的这款茶,谁家的品质更好?

In 1956, “fish hook tea” was picked and processed by Duyun City, Guizhou Province to send Comrade Mao Zedong.

On June 9 of the same year, Comrade Mao Zedong’s letter from the local office of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China received a letter of writing. This tea is named Maojian Tea. “

The quality characteristics of Duyong’s hair tip are: the shape is curled like a snail, the white is revealed, the color is green, the soup is clear, the aroma is fresh, the taste is fresh and sweet, and the bottom of the leaves is uniform.

In this issue, let’s evaluate this special and well -known Guizhou famous tea.

Duyong Maojiao is very famous, but there are not many big brands in the country. We finally chose two representative brands -one is Guitian and the other is Guishan.

评测 | 毛主席唯一命名的这款茶,谁家的品质更好?

Let’s take a look at their basic information.

Guitianxia, ​​this Duyong Mao tip is first before the rain in 2020, the specifications are 200g, the online price is 128 yuan, the activity price is 108 yuan, and it is equivalent to a pound of 270 yuan;

Guishan Duyong has a tip of the hair tip of the first two levels, 48G specifications, and 28 yuan on the Internet. It looks a lot cheaper than Guizhou, but it is 290 yuan after a pound.

评测 | 毛主席唯一命名的这款茶,谁家的品质更好?

Compared with the tip of these two models, who is more cost -effective? Who is better and worth buying? Let’s start the evaluation ~

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1. Dry tea PK

The world

The world is evenly tip, the dry tea shape is curled, the color is dark green, it can be seen in white, the overall is relatively uniform;

评测 | 毛主席唯一命名的这款茶,谁家的品质更好?


Guishan Duyong Dry Dry Tea is also tightly curled, with gray green and moisturizing, but also white, and the overall is relatively uniform.

Overall, these two models are well -dried tea. However, because these two are tea before the rain, Baihao is not as obvious as Mingqian tea in general.

And surprisingly, there is a small bamboo in Guishan’s dry tea.

2. Tea Soup PK

The first bubble (tea temperature is 3g/110ml of water temperature 100 ℃, time 20s)

The first bubble, boiling water for 20s (this brewing is required for review, unconventional brewing method).

The soup color of the two tea is generally very clear and bright, and the color of the soup is slightly darker.

In terms of aroma, Guitian has a smoke in the floral fragrance, while Guishan has a prominent aroma, with obvious bean aroma in the fresh aroma, and the aroma is more pure.

In terms of taste, Guitian is fresh and smooth, back to sweet and soulto, showing the throat; Guishan’s taste is strong and fresh, smooth and smooth; Some.

Second bubble (water temperature 100 ℃, time 20s)

The second bubble, continue to brew 20s with boiling water at 100 ° C.

The soup color of the two tea has not changed significantly compared with the first brewing, and it is still clear and translucent.

This bubble, the aroma of the world has changed from the fragrance of the flower to a richer flower and fruit fragrance, but the smell of smoke still exists, and the taste is still relatively strong.

评测 | 毛主席唯一命名的这款茶,谁家的品质更好?

This is the tip of Guishan. The aroma is a nectar in the fragrant aroma. The taste is fresh and refreshing.

The third bubble (water temperature 100 ° C, time 40s)

The third bubble, in order to make the internal material release more sufficient, this bubble will extend the brewing time to 40s.

The aroma of the world is mainly fruitful, and the bitterness is heavier, and it is slower.

评测 | 毛主席唯一命名的这款茶,谁家的品质更好?

Guishan has a well -tip of the honey fragrance, and it has a delicious aroma and a strong taste, but it is relatively fresh and sweet.

3. Leaf bottom PK

In terms of leaf bottom, the bottom of the leaf of Guitianxia is relatively uniform and elastic, with dark green and clear color, with stalks at the same time;

Guishan is yellow and green, and it is relatively uniform and stubborn. In contrast, the bottom of Guishan is more yellowish and green, and it can be seen that the tenderness is better.

4. National standard law evaluation

(100 ℃ boiling water bubble 5min)

Through the national standard bubble, we can see that the overall soup of the two tea is clear, and the color of the world is slightly darker.

In the aroma, the flowers and fruits of the world are smoky, and the flavor of Guishan has a nectar.

In terms of taste, the world is relatively strong, the bitterness is open and slow, and Guishan is relatively strong and smooth, sweet and sweet.

评测 | 毛主席唯一命名的这款茶,谁家的品质更好?

5. Evaluation summary

评测 | 毛主席唯一命名的这款茶,谁家的品质更好?

Through the overall sensory evaluation, we found that the biggest feature of Guizhou is

The aroma is obviously cigarette, which can be seen that the fire is a bit strong and the bitterness is stronger.



评测 | 毛主席唯一命名的这款茶,谁家的品质更好?

There are non -tea mixed in dry tea

It shouldn’t. Although it

The marking is the second level of the rain

However, the raw material level is higher than that of the world’s rain, the aroma is better, and the taste is higher.

Overall, better.

评测 | 毛主席唯一命名的这款茶,谁家的品质更好?

Final score: Guitian 80 points, 85 points in Guishan.


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