Let’s follow the grains to learn about the story about Martin boots ~

马丁靴 + 甜骚裙,照着穿太洋气

It is a German military doctor who is called Martin more comfortable in order to walk, and has poured into the air in the rubber material and invented

“Air Air Cushion Soment”

The boots, this is the prototype of Martin boots.

It was later used as military boots by the British army and was also very popular among workers.

Until the 1980s and 1990s, the streets of the United States prevailed, it was even more

Martin boots are big in the fashion circle

stand up


Therefore, Martin boots have a sense of comfort and fashion.

Even the fashionable essence I love is not concealed with Martin boots.

Whether you are attending the event or daily private server, you can see Martin boots.

It must be acknowledged that she completely grasped the handsomeness of these boots itself!


马丁靴 + 甜骚裙,照着穿太洋气

There are many materials for Martin boots, there are

Patent leather, fetal leather, lambskin, PVC skin

and many more.

Different cortex emphasized different points.

马丁靴 + 甜骚裙,照着穿太洋气

风 handsome street style

Keywords: patent leather, PVC

This type of material is very stiff and stylish, so when creating a hard style, it can better integrate into the whole.

no matter how

马丁靴 + 甜骚裙,照着穿太洋气

With leather clothes, leggings or all black

The combination can firmly grasp the attention of others.

✔ Pay attention to comfort

Keywords: lambskin, fetal leather

Some cute feet may be relatively wide, and wearing shoes is easy to grind your feet, then you can first choose the material with better cortex.

Just like lambskin

Follow the foot type

No matter whether it is high or low, the comfort is not to say!

Go to the toe

The atmosphere created by different toes is also very different. If it is a cute style of choosing a pair of pointed toe, it feels that children wear adults’ clothes, which is not appropriate and strange.

Round upper

马丁靴 + 甜骚裙,照着穿太洋气

Keywords: young college style

Martin boots on the toe

I have a sense of young

If it is youthful vitality, try it.

马丁靴 + 甜骚裙,照着穿太洋气

If you are paired with skirts, you can also use high waist socks to strengthen this college atmosphere.

✔ ✔ toe

Keywords: intellectual temperament wind

The Martin boots of the square usually are thinner, so it will feel it visually

Tiger bias feels more

Those who like Korean can try this more, which can highlight the gentle temperament of women.

Look at the number of holes

The number of holes also represents the height of boots. This must be selected according to your height conditions, and it is not easy to make mistakes.

筒3-7 hole short tube

Keywords: small children

马丁靴 + 甜骚裙,照着穿太洋气

It’s not very high or

The leg shape is not good enough

For little cute, you can choose this short tube Martin boots.

Just covering the ankle will make short thick legs

Effective effect

The proportion also looks better!

马丁靴 + 甜骚裙,照着穿太洋气

筒8-10 hole tube

Keywords: universal boots, not picking people

This length is just right, not picking leg type, the most versatile, and also known as

马丁靴 + 甜骚裙,照着穿太洋气

Universal C -bust

Especially girls with long legs have aura and handsome, and they are very handsome. Walking fashion coffee means!

马丁靴 + 甜骚裙,照着穿太洋气

孔10-20hole high tube

Keywords: tall and thin girl

This high boot is also called fashion, which is more suitable

Fashion show

So you can imagine that you can control the ordinary people.

You can understand the tall and thin little cute,

Proper leg show

, Put on it, the legs are 1 meter 8!

Martin boots+sweater = create a lower body disappearance!

马丁靴 + 甜骚裙,照着穿太洋气

This is a very American style, especially the super A girl, the whole hot girl out of GAI.

If the leg conditions are good, the 20 -hole is put on me, only the thighs are exposed, and the proportion is thin and the proportion is good.

马丁靴 + 甜骚裙,照着穿太洋气

PP thigh -thick pear -shaped figure

Isn’t it just covering your minefield? I don’t try it soon!

Martin boots+sweater skirt = own feminine!

The sweater is an indispensable partner in autumn and winter. Do not wear too many people wearing a knit sweater and cardigan sweater, but few people wear sweater skirts. I guess most of them feel that it is difficult to control.

In fact, the sweater length of the calf position, you can

马丁靴 + 甜骚裙,照着穿太洋气

Hide the short board of your body

马丁靴 + 甜骚裙,照着穿太洋气

The like a bad ratio and the leg shape are not all hidden. With a pair of Martin boots, it is a fashionable UP UP!

Some small cute little cutes can also be

Choose a bit rich in the upper body element

The style, such as bubbles and sleeves, and high collar are all ways to show rich state.

If you want to increase, you can also choose the Martin boots with heels. The physical increase is the most direct, and you do not accept the refutation!

Martin boots+skirts = fashionable fashion!

I personally feel that the Martin boots+skirts are played by the old moon

Strongest CP

马丁靴 + 甜骚裙,照着穿太洋气

, Perfectly interpreted what it means


With this A -line version of the leather skirt, the spicy taste is even more full. Put on the light leg artifact recommended for you. The brightest cub on the whole street is you!

Cotton jacket or coat down jacket

, All can’t cover the charming charm!

马丁靴 + 甜骚裙,照着穿太洋气

Martin boots+dress = autumn and winter model wearing!

Little cuteness who likes to wear long skirts, don’t worry about having no shoes in autumn and winter, Martin boots apply for fighting!

马丁靴 + 甜骚裙,照着穿太洋气

The white outside is paired with a collar trench coat, which is the combination of soft+飒, and then with Martin boots, it is even more grasped

Mother MAN balances!

马丁靴 + 甜骚裙,照着穿太洋气

When it comes to dresses, the element of floral elements must not be named.

马丁靴 + 甜骚裙,照着穿太洋气

The sweater is already a very common matching method. Martin boots can choose the same color as the skirt. The overall uniform, and

Brown is no more tough than black

, It looks more gentle!

The practicality of the Martin boots is actually very high. I suggest that you do n’t have a little cuteness. You can start with a pair. According to

The combination of grains

Try more at home, maybe find your favorite style.

马丁靴 + 甜骚裙,照着穿太洋气




no matter how

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