“Laughing the world with paper shoulder, clear tea talk about ancient and modern. Friends, everyone, I am from ‘Chinese famous tea hometown’ -松 Songxi County, Fujian Province, I am glad to endorse Songxi Green Tea …” This is a period of Huang Meiping, the secretary of the county party committee, personally appeared in the video of Songxi’s specialty products in the “China Promotion” column. Today, this promotional video can be seen on the display of many public places in Songxi County.

For the endorsement of the Songxi brand, the county party secretary Huang Meiping always spared no effort. At the first Wuyi brand launch conference, Songxi printmaking Jinjing exhibition, Songxi green tea promotional video, and each Songxi century sugarcane culture festival, Huang Meiping will enthusiastically promote Songxi products to guests. The strength of the “circle fans” is numerous, and everyone kindly calls her “Internet Red Secretary”.

“Songxi is a national ecological county, with many high -quality products, but good products are facing problems with word -of -mouth without brands, quality and market -free, and become” raised in deep girlfriends. “Huang Meiping, secretary of the Songxi County Party Committee, said Therefore, to strengthen product packaging and publicity, the wine fragrance is also afraid of the alley. “Wang Po sells melon, of course, he wants to boast and boast.” In Songxi, it is not new to be a “salesman” at all levels. As early as 2017, Xu Hui, then the secretary of the party committee of Huaqiao Township, “called sale” in the county to promote the original ecological rice of Sikeng Village. By helping farmers to solve sales problems, it helps to fight poverty. At the 2019 E -commerce New Year’s Eve, Wu Bangliang, the first secretary of Yuanwei Village, Huaqiao Township, also promoted agricultural special products such as Yuanwei Village Majiahjia Pomelo and Bitter bamboo shoots.

Propaganda is a table, and brand building is inside. As early as August 2012, a special product development research society was established in the county. In 2017, Fujian Minsheng Health Technology Co., Ltd. was established. This is a state -owned enterprise established by Songxi County Government. It is committed to county brand promotion marketing marketing. And operation management. In recent years, Songxi County has vigorously implemented a strong quality county and brand strategy, focusing on cultivating and creating a number of high -quality trademarks such as Songxi organic tea, Songxi Green Tea, Kowloon Dabai, Centennial Cane, Hardwood Tea Disk, Songxi Printmaking, etc. brand. At the same time, the establishment of an industrial development fund to reward the obtaining green food, organic food, and geographical logo certification authorization, and subsidize the brand participation and promotion according to the booth. Focusing on the strategic deployment of the Nanping Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government, we will launch 16 policies for supporting the development of public brands in the “Wuyi Landscape” regional regional area …

A series of “combination boxing” made the development of Songxi’s high -quality agricultural products showing the trend of star fire. Nowadays, many special products of Songxi have become “explosive models”. Through aircraft and cruise ships, they are not only “going to the sky”, but also “going to the sea”, and with the high -speed rail, they move towards all parts of the country –

Since 2016, Xiamen Port Holdings Group has helped Songxi County counterpart to launch the Shanhai Association plan. Songxi’s ecological rice, dried bamboo shoots, “century -old cane” brown sugar, fungus, red mushrooms and other high -quality special products. Subsequently, some specialty products entered international cruise ships, sold to all parts of the country, even drifted across the sea, and sold to the world.

The Shen Renbiao of Yishan Products Food Industry Co., Ltd. was under the bridge of Songxi County Party Committee and the county government, and a poverty alleviation workshop was built in the countryside of Songxi, which was seamlessly connected with major trains, fast iron, and high -speed rail. Winter bamboo shoots and bitter bamboo shoots have been incorporated into the high -speed rail rice box recipes after the opponent’s quality assessment, accompanied by transportation tools, and radiates the Quartet.

In May last year, the “Songxi Green Tea” public welfare advertisement was broadcast on the 13 CCTV channels. “Annual Innovation Film” award. The local tea company in Songxi received a call from dealers from all over the country.

The changes in people one by one are happening: “Centennial Cane” brown sugar is the characteristic industry of Wanqian Village, Songxi County. In recent years, it is moving towards branding, industrialization, and large -scale development. By 150 yuan, leading the masses to wealth and promoting rural revitalization; Longyuan Tea Village Ecological Scenic Area Project is the first 3A -level scenic spot with organic tea theme. The integrated integration development pattern … (Guangming Daily All -Media reporter Gao Jianjin correspondent Li Dianli and Wu Zhenwei)

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