Who can dislike exquisite and warm wear? Autumn and winter colleges include gentleness, sweetness, playful, delicate, warm, retro, elegant atmosphere. Make a single boring winter more colorful.

What details need to pay attention to in autumn and winter atmosphere? Product selection is still the most critical choice. The “four pieces” single product reaches the style of college style, and even 30 years old can easily have a girl model.


1. Pressing down jacket

The down jacket with a fold design is more comfortable and comfortable, light and thin fabrics, and the pleated wiring to minimize the fluffy feeling. Compared to conventional down jackets, the folds are not bloated, which meets the possibility of the college’s advantages, exquisite, and fashionable.


The weird breath can bloom freely in the school style. Like a funny little devil, occasionally a little prank, letting life has different expectations. Straight down jackets with pleated elements, loose and comfortable, combined with black straight pants, simple and delicate.


The atmosphere of the college style needs to be presented with down jackets with pleated elements. Pressive elements, with exquisite and restrained, will be stronger. The folds make the down jacket more playful and lively, and the atmosphere of the college style naturally shows the sense of the college style.

The retro college style has a sense of the times. The presence of retro style is more colorful. Traculose -colored pleated down jackets, exquisite and small short, light and comfortable round neck tailoring, more retro literary style.

In daily wear, the college style is liked by more women. Whether it is twenty or 30 years old, you can play the school style when you choose the right item. Caramel -colored pleated down jackets, combined with velvety skirts, elegant and playful.

02, cow horn buckle coat


The horn buckle coat is already a representative of the college style. The straight hooded coat, under the embellishment of the horn buckle, has more playful art. The sweetness, playfulness, exquisite, literary, retro, and outline of the college style.

A horn buckle coat can fill the atmosphere of the college style. The brown horn buckle coats, huge square pockets, and hooded shapes have become the essential element of the college wind coat. Age reduction, exquisite, literary, elegant, you want the feelings you want.

Of course, you want to control the horns of the horns more perfect, and the details of details are also essential. The blue -yellow lattice scarf, with the retro wind, makes the winter wear more warm. It also outlines the temperament of the college style to the fullest.

When we choose the horn buckle coat, the clothing version, color, details, and styles are particularly important. The college -style coat does not need to outline the proportion of the waist, so it is more of a straight version. The color is mainly classic and elegant high -grade colors, black, gray, coffee, brown, brown, tibetan blue, brick red, are elegant and restrained advanced colors.

The exquisiteness of the college style is presented in the playful age reduction style. Therefore, the design of the horn buckle coat must not be so rigid. The straight version, the hooded design, and the embellishment of the large pocket make the college’s wind coat more distinctive.

03, loose literary style inside

The college style in winter is more stringent to sophisticated overall shape. It is far from a coat that can be done, so in addition to the choice of coats, it is even more important. The loose literary and artistic jacket has more exquisite college atmosphere.

Jujube red loose sweater, full of retro and lazy feelings, is a particularly atmosphere. The college style in winter is more relaxed inside. With comfort, exquisite, playful, literary and artistic as the main elements, it will inevitably not be so firm.

Because the more self -cultivation, the easier it is to outline obvious female elements. The college style will not portray the characteristics of personality excessively, and it is more presented in the beauty of lazy neutrality. So try to choose the loose and retro style as much as possible to have the temperament of the college style.

In addition to the lazy -style sweater, the simple and loose cardigan sweater, the use of the sharp POLO collar embellishment, has also become a more refined college style. Polo’s clothing also has the temperament of the college style. As an inside, it can set off the overall sense of atmosphere.

The college is wearing the inside, mainly with loose and lazy sweaters, and can also be paired with Polo led shirts, but the version should be as loose as possible. The color system also needs to be more gentle and generous. Don’t choose the colorful color system.

04. Exquisite small leather shoes

In the college style, if all the clothing is on a lazy line, and the college style shoes will take a more refined route. A pair of delicate small leather shoes outlines a slender ankle, which can add points to the overall shape.

Exquisite small leather shoes, mainly Oxford shoes, are generally roundeds and lace design. You can combine pile socks, middle stockings, or dark leggings to outline the slender lines of the ankle, forming a comparison with the loose upper body, and the overall style is more refined.


The college style is indispensable for a pair of delicate small leather shoes. It can be Oxford shoes, small leather shoes, or classic loafers, or elegant Mary Zhen shoes.


Of course, the most recommended is the refined and retro Oxford shoes. You can wear a single product throughout the year, playing a pivotal role in the college style. Brown, coffee, black, and brown are all literary and exquisite colors. The combination of clothing will not be so picky. The special and exquisite and versatile has the texture of the college style.

Well, the above is the fashion information shared by Xiao Crazy today. Now do you know how to build the college style? I will share the fashion trend knowledge every day, please pay attention! (Original text, picture source network. If there is any infringement, please contact it.)




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