Compared with women, men’s dressing is simpler, and there are not so many styles and colors. Don’t be too tangled when choosing. The age of 40 is very critical for men. It is a watershed by age. After 40 years of age, even if he insists on exercising and controlling diet, it is difficult to escape your body and blessing. Beer belly, big belly, and other physical problems are prominent. For such men, it is recommended to wear less jeans. If you do n’t wear the grade, it is easy to get fat.

In everyone’s traditional concept, jeans should be the most versatile pants that are not picky. Young people and middle -aged and elderly people can wear them without age restrictions! But male jeans who are blessed are easy to expose the beer belly, and it looks more bloated!


Why not recommend 40+ men in jeans?

Reason 1: Limited to wear occasions


The overall style of jeans is more casual. It is usually okay to wear at home. In some formal occasions of work, it is too casual and cannot highlight the charm of mature men. On the other hand, the style of jeans will also be limited to everyone’s wear ideas. It is a relatively high texture such as suits, coats, and shirts. With jeans, it will destroy the overall sense of high -level sense.

Reason 2: It’s easy to be greasy


When a man is 40 years old, he wears jeans, which will reduce the overall dressing of the dressing. Due to the tenderness, he will feel a little greasy. Light blue, dark blue tannin material is easy to expose age, which is more old. In addition, people with poor legs wear jeans, and their legs will appear more prominent, especially porn jeans, tight jeans and other styles, which are fat and short.

The following styles are more recommended for men to wear

Men’s clothes are relatively single. There are not many fancy styles and designs. They often wear more clothes and strive to be simple and generous. If you do n’t wear jeans, what kind of pants should you wear? The following trousers sharing is worth having!

Recommended one: khaki casual pants


Casual pants, trousers legs will be wider and larger, without much body requirements, it is suitable for middle -aged men who are blessed, and the upper body can cover the beer belly. Among them, the most recommended everyone to wear khaki casual pants. The khaki color is neutral. It is more visually simple and generous. It is not too fancy at the same time, and the saturation is lower. It is better to match the jacket and shoes.

★ When choosing khaki casual pants, you can match it according to the characteristics of the figure:

① Rectangular figure:


It is also called H -shaped figure. The shoulders width, waist, and legs are equally width. The waistline is not obvious. It belongs to the most common figure in men. If this kind of figure is thinner as a whole, dressing will be more thin and thin.

的 It is recommended to choose a high -waisted khaki casual pants, add a belt to outline the waist, to create changes in body lines.


② O -shaped figure:

Most of men who drink alcohol and have beer belly are mostly this figure. Against the backdrop of the beer belly, the figure is becoming more and more rounded, and the waist is almost not seen. When you are dressed, you should focus on shaping the waistline, highlighting vertical lines, and wearing loose clothing to cover meat.

硬 It is recommended to choose the hard -colored casual pants, cotton and linen pants, cotton and linen, etc., and use the tone of the fabric to modify the shape, which is more visually thin.

Recommended 2: suit pants

Suit pants should have the status of “golden oil” in men’s pants. It can be mixed with a suit jacket and shirt to create a business style. The fabric is stretching, it will not be embarrassing to wear.

→ Selection Guide: Mainly black and dark blue, avoid light colors

The material and version of the suit pants are similar. The upper body is capable and neat, and it has an elite temperament. Pay attention to the color when choosing a product.

Black, gray, dark blue

It is the most practical colors. The convergence effect is very good, it is thinner, and the color is relatively stable. It can highlight the sexy and charm of mature men. Try to avoid light -colored suit pants such as white, it is easy to show fat, it will also look particularly cheap!


Match Guide -style matching


❶ ❶ ❶ ❶

Blue -gray suit suit, low -key and restrained, will not be too gorgeous,

The blue -gray tone is relatively temperament, and the saturation is very low. Men suitable for skin wheat -colored skin


, Will not look dark. The loose suit set is rigid to the suit. It looks more stylish. Wearing a brooch in the neckline, British style is full.

❷ ❷ ❷

Slim leather jacket with straight cylinder suit pants,

This set is more suitable for men with thinner figures

You can wear a handsome punk, which looks extraordinarily more energetic. Like leather clothing such as shiny and tough materials, it is recommended to choose short models. Do not cover the waist. It can highlight the proportion of three or seven points, which is more tall!

Key points:


In order to create a sense of punk atmosphere, you can add some elements with a sense of quantitative and texture to wear, such as handsome rivet Martin boots, metal buckle belts, and so on.


❸ Business style

The regular trousers with leather shoes, the overall business style is more suitable for work occasions. In the business wind, it is recommended to choose black suit pants, with a suit jacket or white shirt, which will not make mistakes. If you have a thin body, it is recommended to choose a slim style suit pants to avoid bloating.

be careful:

West pants with leather shoes and black socks are the best. It can better undertake trousers and upper. There will be no sense of splitting. Remember not to wear white socks. If you accidentally expose it, it is too rustic!

Recommended three: cotton pants

Advantages: Why is it so popular? The key is the material! The man is 40 years old. In addition to being simple, handsome, generous, he also needs to pursue comfort, and try to avoid some too thick and stiff fabrics, such as hair, denim and other materials.


The pants made of cotton and linen are light and breathable, which is refreshing and comfortable, and it will not be too heavy.


Look1: shirt+gray cotton linen pants

If you don’t like to wear black pants, you can try gray cotton and linen pants. It is clean and refreshing, very young, lighter in color, better with shirts and shoes. Gray is more neutral. Men with dark yellow skin can be equipped with cold and beige shirts such as blue and beige to brighten the skin tone, which is more elegant and expensive.

Look2: 套 装 l l

Blue color, neutralize blue and gray, and feel more British style. The top and cotton pants and shoes are matched with the same color. The head and feet are connected into one piece. Tall and thin. If the weather is cooler, you can consider superimposed a small turtleneck sweater,

Increase warmth and rich levels,

It looks longer.

Look3: POLO shirt+cotton pants

Polo shirt with a small lapel,

Leisure reduction, 40 -year -old man wearing younger youth is younger

The lower body is paired with loose cotton and linen pants, rolled up the trousers of cotton and linen pants to expose the long socks inside, and it is even higher.

Choose solid colors in socks, don’t be too fancy in color!

Men are 40 years old. Don’t wear jeans anymore. Try these three pants, which is more fashionable and young!

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