Lauret -collar printing lotus leaf shirt


The temperament of the temperament, lace decoration, can be tied into a bow, more sweet and cute, long sleeves, loose cuffs, three -dimensional convergence, stitching of lotus leaf edge on the chest and sleeve


Spring and autumn long -sleeved base long -sleeved shirt

The lapel -in version, the intellectual and gentle lapel design, the three -dimensional exquisite, simple and generous, simple solid color design, creating a stylish lady temperament

The new slim solid color lace -up shirt

The intellectual and generous stand -up collar design, simple and well -behaved, long sleeves, a buckle with the cuffs, neat and simple, single -breasted placket, easy to wear and remove, curved clothes, gentle and soft

The new student is a long -sleeved shirt

Fashionable and elegant double -layer lapels, collar color velvet lace decoration, is more stylish, the collar sewn the color lace, you can hit the bow, the age reduction is sweet

Korean version of the wooden ear stand -up neck shirt

The fashionable and simple stand -up collar design is very stylish, release the charm of women’s handsome and capable, long sleeves, long sleeves, buckle cuffs, cuffs and neckline fungus splicing design, well -behaved and cute, the back of the single -handed buckle opens, the back of the placket door, Easy to wear


New lace Han Fanli collar shirt

Sweet fungus, small collar, clever age, lace sleeve long -sleeved design, gentle and generous, simple style, sweet college versatile

College style princess Fan Xian thin shirt


Great temperament standing collar, stitching of wooden ears, contrasting lace design, well -behaved age, sweet bubble sleeve long sleeves, pleated flared cuff


Spring Korean version of loose plaid shirt


Classic contrasting lattice pattern, classic and generous, youthful casual and versatile, arc -shaped hem, gentle and generous, fashionable hair edge design, very design sense


Casual loose Han Fan Fan Fan Long Sleeve Shirt


Fashionable color vertical stripes, simple and generous, versatile style, stand -up collar combined model, randomly paired with pants or skirts, all look good.


Loose and thin versatile checkered shirt

A very loose plaid shirt, the fabric is comfortable and comfortable, the two colors are available, youthful and beautiful, wide sleeve and curved hem design, increasing leisure and laziness, is the first choice for youth to reduce age.

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