The appearance of snow boots seems to be stupid, but it has swept Eurasia, and it has a burst of popularity in the world. Snow boots are also commonly known as UGG snow boots. With their warmth, comfortable, and fashionable characteristics, it has been popular with women in recent years. Snow boots have almost become a must -have for women in winter. How to wash snow boots has become the biggest problem in winter. Let’s take a look at the correct way to snow boots!

Snow boots care method:


1. Use cold or warm water to make wet snow boots and shoe body, but do not soak too much. It is very important not to clean it with hot water, because it will reduce the viscosity of the sole and shoe gel and the natural telescopicness of the leather, which will cause the soles Open glue and shoe body shrinkage.

2. The correct cleaning method is to use a clean sponge brush or a soft brush to thoroughly wash the surface of the shoe body. You can also use a fine hair toothbrush to help the cleaning process. Once you wash and rinse the shoes, you can put the snow boots in the washing machine for a few minutes to remove the excess water on the boots.

3. Snow boots need to be placed naturally to dry. Remember not to use the dryer to dry or let the boots be exposed to the scorching sun. When drying, please go up the sole and stand upside down the whole shoe body. The shoes will be completely dry within a day or two. You will find that once the shoes are completely dry, the shoe body will shrink a little. Don’t worry. This is normal. After wearing it for about an hour, the shoes will return to the warm and comfortable dressing feeling, and more importantly-the boots will become clean and beautiful!

4. Cleaning clean boots after drying can be used to use CGM waterproof spray to enhance the water resistance of the boots. Once the boots are completely cared, you can use a dedicated fleece care brush to gently brush the surface of the shoe body in one direction to help restore the natural and smooth texture of the natural velvet surface of the fleece surface.

If the above -mentioned correct care methods, snow boots can maintain the life life for several years.


If possible, do not soak the shoe body.

Do not use knitted soft agents.

Do not use any manual heating to dry.

Don’t expose in the sun.

Do not dry dry.

How to remove the ink stain accidentally on the snow boots

If you accidentally dip the ink stains on the snow boots, you can use a small knife, and evenly scrape a certain amount of white powder pink powder to cover the stains, so that the white powder pink powder stays on the boots for a few minutes, and then shoot off the above. At the end of the chalk, gently rub the stains. Repeat the above operations several times until the stains are almost completely removed. For very severe stains, MMs can try to use sandpaper to gently wipe off the stains or brush the brush with a dedicated cleansing skin, but please note that the original color of the sheepskin that may make the stains may be faded. (Plumped with velvet renovas, the effect is new).

How to remove rainwater spots

Sometimes when your shoes are stomped on the ground on the ground, the upper will be stained with splashed water. Usually, if you want to remove these rainwater spots, you only need to fold up the place where there are stains, so that they can rub each other on both sides, so that the stains on both sides are rubbing each other. (The color can be used with a fluffy renovation agent, and the effect is new)

How to dewhe

Use two teaspoons of baking soda to mix the two tea spoons of corn flour in the boots to remove and cut the odor in the boots. If you are willing, you can add a few drops of essence oil in the mixture just now to make the shoes fragrant. Pour the mixture into the boots and shake, and then stay inside overnight. The mixture was shaken out the next day.

Four main maintenance methods of snow boots

Snow boots maintenance method 1: Brand special waterproof spray (waterproof, rainproof, snowproof)

If you buy snow boots without waterproof coating, you can use waterproof spray to add waterproofing. Just spray the spraying agent gently on the surface of the boots, and then put it for 10 minutes and let the boots dry naturally, you can easily wear it! Strengthening the waterproofness of the boots can protect the boots from suffering from oil or sewage damage to the boots, and can be possible Extend the life of the boots. If the boots are accidentally wet, please spray them with a new protective coating after drying the boots. The best time to spray waterproof spray for boots is when the boots are purchased.

Snow boots maintenance method 2: brand dedicated fleece cure brush

Use a brush to gently brush the dust along the bottom of the boots. The brush with a handle is relatively tough. It is easier to clean up the dirty part of the boot body. Use the brush to gently brush the dust along the bottom of the boots to remove the dust. , Wipe in order, do not wear the leather, wipe it repeatedly in a particularly dirty place. Wipe with a towel after wipe the nursing brush.

Snow boots maintenance method three: brand special cleaning care agent -velvet new agent

Special cleaning care agent, the latest scientific research formula, with a dedicated fleece cure brush, can achieve the best cleaning effect, make snow boots refreshing, intimately buy, comfortable wear, and worry.

Snow boots maintenance method four: snow boots and shoes support films

Snow boots can make your baby stand upright and often wear, but the sheepskin material is soft and cannot stand upright like ordinary leather boots. Therefore, snow boots and shoes can make your baby stand upright and stylish. Worried, it will be transformed!

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