Visit the uncle’s house, the living room is so beautiful. The original floor tiles are purchased like this.

When you buy a house for decoration, the ordinary families in the living room will choose to pave the floor tiles to decorate the ground. The living room is a place where relatives and friends are receiving friends and relatives. It is high, so the purchase of living room floor tiles is particularly important. However

How to buy living room floor tiles?

One: What are the floor tiles of home improvement living room?

1. Polishing bricks: The appearance of polished bricks is bright, beautiful, hard -resistant, no color difference, large bending strength, high -bending strength, and non -slip. It is very suitable for the flooring of the living room.

2. Antique bricks: The color of antique bricks is very rich, retro and stylish, and can be made of various shapes. The anticipid anti -slip and anti -pollution resistance ability of antique bricks is very suitable for the living room floor tiles with old people and children or American decoration styles at home. paste.

3. Glaze tiles: The color of the full glaze brick is bright and rich in texture. The glazed tiles are easy to clean. It is also a kind of tiles commonly used in the living room floor. However, its abrasion resistance is poor, but it can meet family use.

4. Vegetable bricks: The surface of the vitrized bricks is smooth and decorated. The water absorption rate, edge, curved strength, acid and alkali resistance of vitrified bricks are better than ordinary glazed tiles and polished bricks. Put it, but the vitrified bricks are not resistant to dirt and inconvenient cleaning.

5. Yuguang brick: The light of the sub -light brick is soft, warm and comfortable, and looks elegant and tasteful. Its performance is good, can not slip, resistance, wear, and not absorbing, but it is not easy to clean.


Two: How to buy living room floor tiles?

1. The water absorption rate must meet the requirements. The lower the water absorption rate, the higher the density of its products, the less likely to penetrate. Usually colorful ceramic tiles are not greater than 10 %; unlawish porcelain bricks (including polishing bricks) must not exceed 0.5 %; glazed porcelain bricks are not greater than 1 %.

2. The appearance should be uniform. The surface of the general floor tiles requires smooth and non -dirty, unless the tiles with special craftsmanship are selected. The gloss of polishing bricks is an important basis for judging its quality. The higher the gloss, the more superb polishing technology, the higher the relative hardness, the lower the water absorption rate and the higher the wear resistance.

3. Listen to the sound of tiles. Hold a brick with both hands, and gently tap the tiles of another brick with a corner of a brick. The sound is crispy and loudly high -quality tiles. The dull sound is inferior tiles.

4. Preventive pollution has good ability. When buying, you can drop one or two drops of ink or colored water on the surface of the tile. After half an hour, wipe it with a wet rag. If there are obvious traces, it shows that it is prone to sewage; It has a good anti -stain resistance.

5. Size deviations should not be too large. Stitch the four floor tiles together to see if there is a misplace between them. If there is a deviation, whether the deviation is in the normal range (the size error is greater than 0.5mm, and the flatness is greater than 0.1mm). If it is within a normal range, then such floor tiles can be purchased, and the effect of construction and decoration does not have a great impact on construction and decoration.


3: How to choose the color of the living room floor tiles?

1. Living rooms with small area and poor lighting are not suitable for dark and warm wall bricks. Because the dark floor tiles make people feel smaller, the more the room looks dark: In addition, the warm -colored floor tiles have a visually approaching feeling, which will increase the depression of the room. Therefore, light and cold floor tiles are usually used in such rooms. For example, blue or white. If the living room is spacious, no matter what color, as long as it is not too bright.

2. You can choose a yellow polished tile with a little pattern. If it is darker, your choice should be brighter. Near white, ivory white is a good choice. Nobel’s polishing brick is good. There are porcelain slices.

3. Most families or architecture prefer to match with brighter colors. The purpose is that the bright tiles not only make the living room look bright and spacious, but also a bright and gorgeous feeling. insufficient.


Four: What should I pay attention to when paving in the living room and floor tiles?


1. Floor tile

If the living room area and more than 30 square meters at home, we better choose 80 * 80 bricks. If you are less than this area, you can choose 60 * 60 specifications below, but it is best not to be less than 40 * 40;

However, if the large -scale tiles are paved on a small area of ​​the ground, the room will produce a sense of inconsistency, which will be wearing a large number of clothes one by one. Putting small -scale tiles can make the room look more crowded. In short, we can choose shoes that are suitable for our feet size to be good shoes.

2. Material


When choosing floor bricks in the living room, it should be noted that we choose vitrified bricks, because it is more wear -resistant, bright, and is more convenient to clean. Some people like to use antique bricks, which can reflect the personality of the owner of the room, but it is difficult to clean; we better not use stone, because the cost of stone is relatively high, and the color is single. The smoothness and abrasion resistance are also very low. Such materials are generally used in public.

3. Embellish

When decorating the living room, you must remember that simple and smooth are eternal themes. The decoration floor tiles at home are the same. Sometimes, some floor tiles recommended by the decoration company are added to the snake, so when we listen to other people’s opinions, we must maintain our own opinions appropriately.

Kitting line is a difficult point in the paving of tiles at home, because the walls are generally used in paint, and the positions of coatings and ground contact are often kicked by furniture or human feet. This will easily cause wall pollution and damage. We installed a skirting line can also add a lot of decoration and practical functions to the living room.

The above is about

What tiles are used in the living room

The related introduction is briefly introduced that home is a lifetime shelter, so we must pay attention to the decoration home. I believe that after reading it, everyone should know the choice of living room floor tiles. Finally At this time, you can choose the right floor tiles according to your favorite on the premise of ensuring quality.

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