The new smart door lock can be opened to open the door with electronic key

2015-06-30 05:00:01 Author: Hua Pengfei

[Zhongguancun Online Home Appliance Channel Original] Many products are developing in the direction of intelligence, providing a lot of convenience for everyone’s lives. In traditional door locks, everyone is very familiar with everyone and needs to be inserted into the eyes to open. Since entering the era of intelligence, everything should actually change. Recently, a new smart door lock is listed. This new door lock does not need to use the traditional lock core, and the electronic key equipped with it can achieve fast opening.

新式智能门锁 使用电子钥匙能感应开门

The seemingly ordinary door handle, but the mysterious machine is hidden

This electronic smart door lock is the same as ordinary door locks. The position of the door handle can be used to replace ordinary door handles. The door handle has an advanced induction recognition system, which can only be opened by using a special electronic key. When using it, it is also very simple. You only need to put the ultra -thin electronic key in front of the square -shaped inductive area. The door lock will automatically open. Gently push the door with your hand to open the door. It is very convenient to use.

There is an intelligent sensing device on the left side of the door handle

新式智能门锁 使用电子钥匙能感应开门

Use the electronic key to open the door lock

After opening, gently push the door handle to open the door

新式智能门锁 使用电子钥匙能感应开门

It is worth noting that smart door locks also have corresponding mobile apps. Through the APP, users can remotely view the state of the door lock in the home, such as whether it is locked, and the smart door lock open record to prevent forgetting the door. At present, this smart door lock is still in the process of continuous improvement, and the designer said that it will soon be available.

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