In different seasons, some changes will happen in our wear, and in winter, everyone should wear warmer. Yang Zi’s mix in winter is worthy of our learning. She chose a red and orange down jacket for matching, which can bring her a good warmth effect, and this kind of bright down jacket like this color is also Can add a certain look to her and make the whole person look more energetic.


It is so cold in winter. Of course, we need to choose long clothes to match. Choosing a long down jacket can not only allow you to get a warmer dressing experience, but it can also modify your figure, especially like it looks like it looks like it is like like This loose down jacket on Yang Zi’s body will not be too high for your body, so even if you have a lot of fat on your waist and abdomen, you don’t need to worry about it. It can help you completely hide the defects.

In addition, we can add a furry design to ourselves in terms of lining, which can bring a softer touch, and the comfort on the body will be higher. We can also add the hair collar design at the neckline to create a relatively sweet one. A breath, this will make you look more fashionable ~

We can match a pair of tight black trousers in the lower body, which can form a certain contrast with the loose down jacket. If the combination of the upper body and the lower body is very loose, it can easily make your overall match look a bit bloated, so that you will lose money without the loss. It will greatly discount your charm. In addition, when we choose the inside, it is best to choose a more slim, so that your upper body will not look bloated.

I don’t know if you have seen Yang Zi’s new ideas after watching Yang Zi’s match? In fact, Yang Zi’s matching is still very young. It has a sweet atmosphere and full of vitality. It is worthy of our learning.

Fantasy Matching

I believe that every younger sister lives in a little princess. Fantastic wear can make your sweet breath instant instant. UP ~ like Yang Zi to choose a light purple dress with one -character shoulder, embellishment on it on it, embellishment on it on it. Some crystal bead decoration and gauze fabric on the shoulders are really superfluous. It can not only create a certain fantasy sense for the whole person, but also make the shape curve good ~ or you can also choose pure pure The white skirt design can be more fluffy, and it also has a good modification effect on your lower body lines.


Wear an elegant fan ~

Both mature women and girls will like to match with dresses, but we must also choose according to their body shape when choosing.


A younger sister like Yang Zi can consider using a long dress to match it. We can add the V -neck design to the neckline to add some sexy atmosphere. Proper exposure will help reveal you to show you your skin. Women’s charm ~ At the same time, it can also be tightened in the waist position to highlight the waist lines, which can help you show a more exquisite curve ~

Vitality leisure


How can I wear it simple in daily life? The loose dark green shirt with jeans is really full of girly. This wearing is very energetic, and the shirt is relatively loose. The jeans are more slim and can form a good formation. Comparison.

The long coat is designed with a straight version, so it can make our body look more slender and tall, and it can also cover the fat on your waist and abdomen. It will not be tight and the comfort is particularly high.


The suitable dressing really can make our charm well improve, so young ladies and sisters should try more in daily life. Only by trying a variety of different styles can we find the one that suits you best ~ Are you right? Pay attention to me, let us be more and more fashionable together!


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