Recently, it feels a little colder. Is it okay to go home when I go home in the winter vacation?

Let’s talk about today

Student party

If you need to buy winter clothes, you can take the opportunity to check and make up for the shortage.

The demonstration of this article comes from South Korean bloggers, which is the ball in the bottom. ▼


There are three reasons for recommending Lihe:

First, she is a fashion blogger

Rare baby face

The student party will have a stronger sense of substitution.

Second, her style belongs to the Korean leisure style, with high comfort, and can also take into account fashion.

Third, she

A lot of basic funds

If you pay attention to quality, you can still wear it after buying a little more expensive.

If you pay attention to cost -effective, there are countless choices, and friends can determine as needed. ▼

According to the convention, there are 7 sets of daily matching below, which can be learned.

Lets come look.

Look1: wool cap+long cotton clothing+round neck sweater+jeans

There is nothing special, but it looks very comfortable.

Because in addition to the hats, all the neutral items are used,

There is no aggressiveness, and it is not easy to make mistakes



The turmeric wool hat lit up the whole shape and got rid of the mediocrity with 10%bright colors. ▼

If you want to be low -key, you can choose a color in the gray, rice, and blue to echo the color of other items.

LOOK2: wool cap+short cotton clothing+knitted cardigan+jeans

Compared with the previous set, this set should be more suitable for small.

Because cotton clothes are much shorter, it is easier to control, and other items have not changed much.

The front wool cap can also be used, with a pair of socks of the same color, which can greatly improve the fineness. ▼

The color of the hat and socks and shoes echo the color of the shoes. It has a certain extension effect and can look higher. The small man can often use this trick.

Look3: Cashmere scarf+twisted sweater+suit wide -leg pants

Where the weather is not too cold, you can try with a sweater and suit pants.


It is recommended to buy a loose sweater and hide a piece of autumn clothes inside, which is not only warmer, but also to avoid wool tie people.


Pants are recommended

Bid -legged wide -leg pants, no ordinary suit pants as rigid boards

It retains the sharpness. ▼

Adding a formal item to leisure style is the simplest way to transform.

Look4: round neck sweater+beam guard pants+snow boots

Let’s take a look at this year’s explosive model -sweater suite, how to match it to look good.

In fact, there is no pressure to control this group of items, because the keywords of the sweater set are young and vibrant.

Worried that it is too ordinary to wear,

You can think on your shoes


There are so many white shoes to snow boots. ▼

Look5: round neck sweater+checkered wide -leg pants


Don’t like the rigid board for sweater suits,

You can remove them and wear more clothes

,improve the utilization.


For example, with a round neck sweater, with checkered pants that have been on fire last year, the combination of two casual items is comfortable and comfortable. ▼

LOOK6: Glgline sweater+checkered wide -leg pants


When it comes to wearing more clothes, the twisted sweaters that have appeared at first can also be used with checkered pants.

In order to avoid pajamas, pants are recommended to choose a combination of wide legs+large grids. ▼

Look7: horizontal striped bottom shirt+back skirt

Finally, I prepared for the friends who love to wear skirts.

Both items are recommended for dark colors, retaining age -reducing effects, and do not have to worry about being too hard. ▼

Well, the above is the 7 sets of leisure wind wearing the Korean blogger Lihe.


You can choose small white shoes or snow boots to complete the match according to the local temperature.

In the end, don’t wear more than wear more, health first!


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