The stew is a technical work. The meat is in the pot and the pot is on the fire. The heat of the stew process is also difficult to master. How big is the fire? How small is the fire? How long is time?

Full of experience and feeling. Could it be stewed out of a pot of meat, can only be done by those masters with outstanding cooking skills? Is there a way to make the “Kitchen Xiaobai” also stew good meat?

In fact, an electric pressure cooker can be done. Although many families are already using an electric pressure cooker, there are still many issues to pay attention to in buying. Let’s take a look today.

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Electric pressure cooker

Research and evaluation, we summarize the checklist of the selection of the pressure cooker, integrate various knowledge points and selection points, and finally follow the ultimate performance (light luxury), comprehensive performance (strength), affordable price and good performance (cost) 3 dimensions, 3 models


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“Select the checklist list of electric pressure cookers”

1. The working principle of the electric pressure cooker

The electric pressure cooker uses the water pressure of water to affect this physical characteristics, so that the food is cooked faster and thorough.

The normal temperature is a atmospheric pressure. Boil water under normal state is generally about 90-105 degrees. The internal air pressure in the electric pressure cooker is generally about 1.5 atmospheric pressure. The boiling point of the water is about 110-130 degrees, so the food is cooked and thorough.

2. Is the pressure cooker safe?

What is the reason why I often see the news of stress cookers on the Internet? When the gas valve safety valve of the pressure cooker is blocked and the pressure cooker is continued to be heated, when the air pressure in the pot exceeds the pressure that the high pressure cooker can withstand, it will explode. This situation often occurs when the safety valve of the pressure cooker is invalid and the easily melted slices have not been replaced in time.


Due to the introduction of the computer system, the pressure in the pot has been controlled by elasticity. Once the pressure in the pot is too large, the computer will immediately disconnect the pressure, which effectively prevents the chance of accidents due to excessive pressure.

In addition, new technologies such as dynamic sealing, outer coverage, and displacement adjustable electric switch are introduced in the pressure cooker, which basically eliminates the possible safety hazards of traditional pressure cookers. It guarantees the controlling temperature in the pot, and the overall operation safety factor is naturally much higher.

Therefore, from a safety perspective, choosing an electric pressure cooker is more secure than choosing a traditional pressure cooker.

3. Selected elements

First, cooking pressure

The pressure cooker is to achieve fast cooking of food by controlling temperature control and pressure control. The greater the pressure, the shorter the required cooking time. Essence

Second, heating method


There are two main types of heating methods of electric pressure cookers, namely chassis heating and IH electromagnetic heating. Different heating methods will bring different cooking effects.

Chassis heating

It is pure thermal conduction heating, which often appears in low -end products.

IH electromagnetic heating technology

It is the rapid and uniform heating of the inner pot itself through the frequency conversion of the current. IH heating technology is conducive to the precise control of the cooking pressure of the electric pressure cooker and the effective adjustment of the range of cooking pressure. The thermal efficiency is high, which is the heating method we recommend.

Third, inner tendon

There are two main types of inner tendons on the market on the market: stainless steel inner tendon and coating inner biliary.


The stainless steel inner tendon is considered safer than the inner pain in the coating, and does not need to worry about the coating falling off and it will be harmful to the human body. However, it should be noted that consumers must see whether the stainless steel in the stainless steel inner biliary meets whether the stainless steel meets the relevant national standards. It is not so stainless steel is consumed.

Fourth, operating panel

The operating panel is divided into mechanical panels and computer micro -control panels,

Their cooking effects are the same,

The main difference is that the control instruction input method is different.

Mechanical panel


It is manual, and the operating interface looks clear at a glance, which is more suitable for the elderly. Users can choose time when they choose. For example, they like soft and rotten taste when stewed meat. They can choose a longer time than the recommended time.

The shape of the microcomputer -type pressure cooker is more fashionable, the program is built -in, one -click operation, and more functions, such as the reservation function.


PC version

The failure rate is higher than the mechanical version of the pressure cooker, because the control circuit of the microcomputer panel is more complicated, and the computer chip and electronic components are easily damaged under some extreme conditions (such as unstable voltage, ultra -voltage), and the mechanical panel has almost no these problems.

Fifth, capacity

The choice of the volume of the pressure cooker should consider the population. Families of 2-3 people should choose 4 liters, 3-5 families should choose 5 liters, and 6 liters of families with 6 liters should be selected.

4. Which functions are more practical

丨 Open in the middle

Many enterprises have developed the cap function of the electric pressure cooker. Through smart chips and solenoid valves, automatic exhaust pressure is automatically exhausting under computer control. The user can open the lid and put it in the ingredients, and then automatically heated.

Practical index: ★★★★★

丨 Trip choice

Although the electric pressure cooker sets different cooking procedures for various ingredients, this cooking program does not necessarily meet the needs of everyone. After all, everyone’s preference for food taste is different. The user chooses the taste of “biased”, “moderate” or “softened”.


Practical index: ★★★★

丨 no water stew

The meaning of water -free stew means that it can be stewed without adding water after adding ingredients in the electric pressure cooker. The advantage is that it can better maintain the original flavor of food, but it may also appear disadvantages such as uneven flavor and dry taste.

Practical index: ★★★

I believe that when I read this, everyone knows how to choose a good electric pressure cooker. After the screening of a large number of products and selection engineers in the Zhidian Lab, there are 3 electric pressure cookers in the selection list of Zhidian selection. They are:


Light luxury list

Midea’s electric pressure cooker knows and electricity selection number: 0016

Selected model of Zhidian:


Midea HT5087PG electric pressure cooker


proposed price:

1799 yuan


Recommended reason:

Automatic pressure protection and safety opening and closing cover ensure the safety of the use process. 105kPa’s cooking pressure has greatly shortened the cooking time, and the lid can be opened in the middle.

The product has two inner tendons. The stainless steel inner biliary is suitable for stewed stew. It is durable and durable. The coating inner coating bile porridge cooking rice does not stick to the pot. It is an excellent electric pressure cooker.


Power List Beautiful Ones Pressure Cooker

Selected Number of Zhidian: 0333

Know the electrical selection model:

Midea YL50EASY601 electric pressure cooker

599 yuan

High -sensitive warmth probe, accurate sensation, with three -song trajectory virus valve pressure and decompression, you can cook a strong aroma. The zero -pressure float valve can automatically identify the altitude, match the cooking boiling point, and the plateau area will not overflow.

The five -layer composite material inner linery, the boiling heat is evenly heated, the heat is evenly hot, and the pot is paired with double bile, without skewers. Large -screen panels, the screen display countdown, there are three types of texture: soft, moderate, and chewy, with the reservation function, and one -click exhaust.



The price list Susbo electric pressure cooker

Selected Number of Zhidian: 0127

Haier (haier) FMS100-B261U1

469 yuan

Built -in intelligent temperature probe, real -time monitoring temperature and pressure changes, accurately regulating firepower, multi -segment regulation, three types of taste choices: soft, moderate, and hard. One -click aura design, the exhaust is safer.

5L double gallbladder design, gallbladder resistant and alkali in the fine iron ball, suitable for cooking meat foods. The tadpole ball kettle is healthy and not stained, suitable for cooking rice noodles/porridge.

Electric pressure cooker

Selected model of Zhidian:

proposed price:

proposed price:


Recommended reason:

Recommended reason:

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