Yunnan Net News (Reporter Li Xilin) ​​China Tourism Day, Yunnan is acting. As the 12th “China Tourism Day” is coming, colorful Yunnan invites you to “cloud travel” together! During May, outstanding tour guides from the provinces and cities in the province will live on -site live broadcasts in the local scenic spot through the official Douyin of the Yunnan Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, so that tourists across the country will not leave the house “cloud tourism” and enjoy my family in Yunnan. Mountain beauty, water beauty, cultural beauty.

中国旅游日 云南在行动 七彩云南邀您“云旅游”

At 10:00 on May 13th, the first live broadcast will be held in the Black Scenic Spot of the Puzhizi of the Miao Autonomous Prefecture of Wenshan Zhuang. At that time, the beautiful scenery of the Puder’s black water pastoral, lake peak forest will be passed through mobile phones to all parts of the country. After that, the history of the Dali Butterfly Association and the traditional national folk customs, the unique cultural charm of the Paragonzon and the original ecological natural scenery, the experience of the Pu’er tea system and the charm of the tasting, etc. It was displayed to tourists across the country through live broadcast. This live broadcast will last until May 28.

It is understood that around 2022 China Tourism Day, “Enjoying Chinese Culture Enjoying a Beautiful Journey”, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism will set up a main venue in Pingyao Ancient City, Jinzhong City, Shanxi Province, and set up branch venues in the remaining provinces (autonomous regions, cities), organize related relevant provinces (autonomous regions, cities). Activity. The Yunnan branch venue was co -sponsored by the Yunnan Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, the Yunnan Provincial Civilization Office, and the Kunming People’s Government of the Communist Party of China.

Next, in addition to the live broadcast of “Ten Thousand Tour Tips to Tour”, Yunnan Branch will also carry out the “Tourism benefits the Monthly” activities, “Million Tourists” online promotion activities, national song and dance, and non -heritage cultural performance activities. The theme, rich content, and diverse forms of tourism, marketing, marketing and public welfare benefits.

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